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2010 VIDEO: "They're betting that between now and November you're going to come down with amnesia... They drove our economy into a ditch."


I haven't forgotten. Have you forgotten? If anyone you know has, please throw some cold water in their faces and show them this:


Excerpt from President Obama remarks on September 6, 2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

"So basically here's what this election comes down to. They're betting that between now and November you're going to come down with amnesia. They figure you're going to forget what there agenda did to this country. They think you'll just believe that they've changed. These are the folks whose policies help devastate our middle class they drove our economy into a ditch.

And we got in there and put on our boots. And we pushed and we shoved and we were sweating. These guys were standing, watching us, sipping on a Slurpee. And they were pointing at us saying 'how come you're not pushing harder? how come you're not pushing faster?' And then when we finally got the car up--and it's got a few dings and a few dents. It's got some mud on it. We're going to have to do some work on it. They point out to everybody else and say:

'Look what these guys did to your car!'

After we got it out of the ditch, and then they got the nerve to ask for the keys back. I don't want to give them the keys back. They don't know how to drive."


2010 VIDEO- Mitt Romney: You don't understand the economy unless you had a job


Oh Willard, Willard, when will you realize that your frauditude can be recorded and played back? Who needs "gotcha questions" when there are so many of these videos floating around?


May 19-21, 2010 - At Skybridge Capital's Alternatives Conference 2010, Mitt Romney says that those who have never had a job in the private sector don't understand how the economy works. Isn't that what Hilary Rosen said about Ann Romney? Romney also says, if you've never signed the FRONT of a payroll check, you don't understand how the economy works. I'm not sure if he meant to say "the back of a payroll check," or if he actually means that only business owners know about the economy.


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2010 VIDEO- Rick Santorum: President Obama is a drug dealer trying to get you hooked on entitlements


As always, via our wonderful source for "gotcha" videos, :

Oooo, Evil Black Kenyan Chicago Socialist Drug Dealer "Guy with a dime bag" is gonna get us all addicted to the hard stuff-- dun dun dun-n-n!-- entitlements! Busted!


2010 VIDEO: Mitt Romney compares his health care plan to President Obama's; he likes similarities, dislikes differences.


, who always manages to find a blast from the past:

Mitt Romney in April 2010 talks about the differences between ObamaCare and RomneyCare. Follow me on Twitter at for more great political videos.