The Book Booth: Lazy Crazy Hazy Days of Summer Edition


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The Book Booth is a weekly feature at The Political Carnival, relating news, notes, and reflections from the world of books and publishing. @SeattleDan, along with his wife, SeattleTammy, are operators of both an on-line bookstore here, as well as a brick and mortar storefront mini-store in Hoquiam, WA at 706 Simpson Ave (Route 101 South). Both have been in the book business since shortly after the Creation, or close to 6000 years now.

The Book Booth: Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days of Summer Edition

The days are sunshiny, bright and warm, but not too hot, here in my little town. There's a gentle breeze outside the window, brushing the magnolia leaves against the window. Damn, I gotta get out there and prune that thing!

It's been a great summer for reading. There is nothing like sitting back with a cool drink and leafing the pages of a book while lounging in a comfortable setting. And the folks at the LiteracySite remind us why we both enjoy and need that time.
Why We Enjoy Reading

With the publication of Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman, the New Republic wondered what other works by famous authors have gone unpublished while sitting in some desk drawer. To me, it seems that some of these works probably deserve the obscurity that the authors wanted for these tomes. Others look interesting.
Unpublished Works by Famous Authors

For myself, I remain wary of reading Watchman. For all the reasons Maureen Corrigan explains over at NPR. Some things I just don't want to know about Atticus. H/T to Lucian for sending me this link.
Should You Read Watchman?

With the recent controversy over the Confederate flag andthe arguments over "heritage" to conceal racism, I have been thinking about the American Civil War, now 150 years finished. So I am excited to learn of this new graphic novel, Battle Lines, a collaboration between historian Ari Kelman and graphic artist Jonathan Fetter-Vorm. I've placed a hold on it at the library, and I'll let you know if it is good.
A Graphic Novel About the Civil War

Some good news from the war on censorship. A federal judge has blocked an Arizona law that banned nude photos in books, papers and other media. The law's original intent was to stop "revenge" porn, but it really extended basically to anything "nude". The American Booksellers Association has the full story here.
Arizona Censorship Law Struck Down

Part of my development as a young reader was the adventures of Frank and Joe Hardy (as well as Tom Swift and the Tarzan series), something for which I readily admit. No, I didn't read classics at age 10. But I may never have read literature at all without the Hardy Boys. Here MentalFloss explores some facts many people don't know about those intrepid young sleuths.
Who Were The Hardy Boys?

By my teens, I was reading the American masters of modernism, though, including Steinbeck, Fitzgerald and Hemingway. But I never did get around to Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa (or Death in the Afternoon). The book is being reissued with some additional material from his family and it looks to be a more interesting work.
Green Hills of Africa Reissued (with additional material)

Earlier in the Spring, I discussed the Hugo Award Kerfuffle. (You can see that post here: Hugo Award Controversy.

Voting for the Hugo Awards is still going on and Game of Thrones author George RR Martin is encouraging folks to vote, no matter what. More On The HA Controversy

Author E.L. Doctorow passed away this week at age 84. My favorite two novels of his were Book of Daniel, a novel about the children of two executed cold war spies, and the brilliant Ragtime. If you've never read him, go check some of his work out. Doctorow

Somehow the folks at Buzzfeed snuck into my house and found that every available surface space is covered by books. At least they didn't get a shot of the mountain of books that are on SeattleTammy's bed table that looks to be a catastrophe in the making.
Secret Lives of Booklovers Revealed.

To all of you, a splendid summer weekend, filled with books and reading. We'll see you next week and please do let us know what books you are enjoying


Lauren Mayer: "Ballad of Jeb-No-Last-Name''



Lauren Mayer is a singer/songwriter/pianist who writes comedy songs about everything from Supreme Court decisions to the Kardashians. She proudly supports leftist causes including equal pay, reproductive choice, fair minimum wage, addressing climate change, and marriage equality.
Note: Check out Lauren's CDs, including her latest, "If My Uterus Were A Gun (And Other Musical Rants From The News)" - available at "" as well as on iTunes and Amazon. Her website is She's on Twitter at @laurenscomedy
Lauren's podcasts are on IndieMediaWeekly.

From YouTube:

His laughable attempts to pretend he has no last name (despite hiring all his bro's advisors) and multiple gaffes ("work longer," "replace Obamacare with Apple Watches") are as entertaining as a vintage TV show!

From Lauren's email to me:

(This one was just begging to be written . . . . )


Your Weekly Upchucks: Shocking Religion News by Author @KCBoyd3



K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.  You can read her earlier posts on The Political Carnival here and more about who she is on her own website here

The Weekly Upchuck July 19, 2015

Abortion, Contraceptions And Other Women’s Issues

  • #HowTheyRoll The 5 Most Absurd Arguments Made Against Women’s Choice At The Right To Life Convention
  • #ThisIsF—ked Right-wing Christian ‘expert’ on feminism insists that submitting to marital rape makes Jesus happy
  • #DontBeFooled Walker’s strategy of pretending to be moderate on reproductive rights could trick some voters.”
  • #BigTentBegone GOP Presidential Hopefuls Compete Over Anti-Choice Credentials
  • #BamaWarriors Advocates Fight to Keep Tuscaloosa Abortion Clinic Open
  • #MedicalFlunkee Anti-Abortion Doctor Has Unscientific Method For Reversing The Abortion Pill
  • #AfterTheDeluge ‘Hobby Lobby’ Is About Blocking Contraception Access, Not Religious Liberty
  • #PoliticsOfDeception Profiting From Fetal Body Parts? The GOP Sure Is
  • #LeaveEmInFlames What the Planned Parenthood hoax really proves: Right-wing extremists have no qualms about destroying peoples’ lives
  • #SoCalledModerate Ohio Attorney General, On A Mission To Shutter All Abortion Clinics, to Investigate Planned Parenthood After Doctored Anti-Choice Video
  • #LiesTheyTell The doctored video “exposing” Planned Parenthood was released on Tuesday and now the entire story is falling apart
  • #TakinEmDownAnyWayHeCan Co-Founder Behind Planned Parenthood Video Has Close Ties to Abortion Clinic Violence
  • #SanityRules Warren Buffett Gives Enormous Sums in Support of Women’s Rights – Christian Conservatives Furious
  • #DeceptiveIllusions Planned Parenthood Isn’t Doing Anything Wrong—But That May Not Matter – Logic and reason simply can’t compete with #PPSellsBodyParts.


  • #PukeyDumbDown Tony Perkins urges Christians to pull their kids out of public schools in the wake of SCOTUS gay marriage ruling
  • #MooreKaKa Alabama’s Supreme Court Justice, Roy Moore’s advice to parents: Pull kids out of schools that teach, “They evolved from monkeys”
  • #ThanksToYourTaxes Conservative America’s Favorite Christian University Is Thriving — Because Of Progressive Policies
  • #BarelyLiterate How Christian Fundamentalist Homeschooling Hurts Kids
  • #DoesntPassTheTasteTest GI Bill pays for unaccredited sex, Bible and massage schools
  • #WhenStupidsInChargeMiss. school district claims it keeps violating the First Amendment because it just doesn’t understand the law
  • #EtcEtcEtc Creationists Take Down Another Top Professor

Fifty Shades Of Hate

  • #OneAndTheSame KKK Applauds the SC Church Killings, Saying the Bible Commanded It – We Need “10,000 more men like [Dylann Roof]”
  • #DoNoHarm? Ben Carson listed as speaker at conference organized by pastor who thinks gay people should be killed

Fifty Shades Of Lying Propaganda

  • #WontBeFooledAgain 3 Deceptive Edits In The Video Claiming Planned Parenthood Is “Selling Aborted Baby Parts”
  • #FromTheWarmongersWhoBroughtYouIraq Obama’s Iran Nuclear Concession Is Worse Than Chamberlain’s Munich Sellout
  • #SwiftboatingWomen Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Sell Fetuses: The Real Story Behind That Shady Think Progress Video​

If Media’s The Message

  • #RenderUntoJeffress Fox pastor: ‘Render unto Caesar’ means ‘the real Jesus’ wants churches to rat on hungry immigrants
  • #EgadsTheGirlsArentGettingPreggers Fox and Co. Go Psycho Over Clinics That Give Teens Birth Control
  • #SavagelyStupid Michael Savage: Liberals Using LGBT Rights To ‘Eliminate Males’
  • #EverSoChristian Fox Pastor – “Jesus Wants Churches to Turn Over Undocumented Immigrants, Not Feed or Shelter Them”
  • #CrossedARedLine American Family Association Spokesman Bryan Fischer Tweets Link to White Supremacist Site
  • #BarefootPregnantDumbedDown Fox News goes nuts over clinics that give teens free birth control
  • #Boom! TLC officially cancels ’19 Kids and Counting’ after Josh Duggar admits to molesting girls as a teen
  • #ShouldaBeenASlamDunk Canceling Duggars: Too Little, Too Late?
  • #FogAlert Watch A Climate Scientist Explain The Reality Of Global Warming To PatRobertson’s 700 Club

Israel, End Times And John Hagee

  • #EndTImesLobby 1st there was the NRA, then there was AIPAC. Now, John Hagee’s newest lobbing group, headed by Gary Bauer, to bring political muscle to the pro-Israel cause
  • #KeepinEmScared No, Mr. Netanyahu, Iran Isn’t Trying to Take Over the World & It Isn’t ISIL
  • #RememberingGW After Iran deal, the Gog and Magog war between Obama and Netanyahu begins
  • #BestInPropaganda Conservative Critics of the Iran Deal Get Ready for Another Iraq War Deception Strategy
  • #TwoStatesMyBippy Israel aims to build settlement despite Supreme Court order
  • #GayAvek Democrats see Jewish voters remaining loyal despite GOP efforts to court them after Iran pact
  • #TheFinalWar Joel Rosenberg, Messianic Jew and good friend of the Netanyahu Govt. tweets that we must “prepare for possibility Israel could team up with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Egypt & Jordan to attack Iran.”
  • #OyVey AIPAC has launched a new advisory group, Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran, whose advisory board includes five former Democratic members of Congress: Sens. Evan Bayh (Ind.), Mark Begich (Alaska), Mary Landrieu (La.) and Joseph Lieberman (Conn.) will spend approximately $20 million on advocating against the Iran Deal, including advertising in 30 to 40 states.
  • #PotKettle Frothy, quite the theocrat himself, and who is “not for a two-state solution” says of Iranians. “They are radical theocrats. We cannot contain them.”
  • #ElfinPolitics Gary Bauer of the CUFI Action Fund: “We’re going to go all out, as challenging as it will be, to get the 67 votes that we will need in the United States Senate” to nix the deal”
  • #ChristerScrewLoose Pastor Jim Bakker blames Obama’s Iran deal for California’s drought and the Second Coming of Christ
  • #Meshuggina AIPAC to fight White House head to head in Congress over Iran deal
  • #CourtingEndTimes Presidential candidates make their pitch to Christian Zionists


Heard At CUFI Conference

  • #Theocrat Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) “We need leaders on their knees before God.”
  • #Theocrat Trent Frank (R-AZ) ” If there had never been an Israel, there would probably never have been an America.”
  • #BigFatTheocrat Mike Huckabee: “John Kerry should get up on his crutches, he ought to walk out of that room, go straight to Jerusalem, hug Benjamin Netanyahu and say, ‘We are going to stand with our real friend,”


  • #BlazingMikey ‘We’ll Go to War Over That!’: Mikey Weinstein Calls for Firing of Vocal Anti-Gay Marriage Chaplains- Faces Off With Christian Leader

Politics Nation

  • #AintGonnaHappen Frothy Calls For A Constitutional Amendment To Ban Same-Sex Marriage
  • #OrallyChallenged Frothy Calls Gay Marriage And Abortion A Spreading ‘Cancer’
  • #HeAndTenOthers Scott Walker Says His Presidential Bid Is ‘God’s Plan’
  • #GoAheadAndSuffer Mike Huckabee says Christians must be “willing to suffer” for disobeying the “unjust” SCOTUS gay marriage ruling
  • #SpotCome As Frothy considers love affair w/his dog, He Says He’s Always Been Right About ‘Man on Dog’ Warning
  • #CallTheirBluff Republicans want to use nuclear deal in campaign against Hillary & the Dems but they might overplay their hand.
  • #FrothySpew Rick Santorum: If we try to “take down the Confederate flag, let’s take down Planned Parenthood”
  • #MindNumbing Walker Implies That Gays Are Pedophiles
  • #FrothySeeAbove Santorum – Don’t Vote for Walker, His Wife Supports Gays

Religion Gone Bad Gone Mad

  • #ErrantBible Captive Virgins, Polygamy, Sex Slaves: What Marriage Would Look Like if We Actually Followed the Bible
  • #BartonBarf David Barton: God Opposes Retirement Because It ‘Is A Pagan Concept’
  • #StirringTheFearPot Religious Right will mark 9/11 anniversary by accusing gays & women of inviting God’s judgment
  • #UglyMan Scott Walker’s Offensive Claim About Gay Men And Children
  • #LikeTheEverReadyBunny Stone homos” pastor warns of contracting the “sodomite demon” at restaurants, on dates
  • #SonOfAPreacherMan 5 faith facts about Scott Walker
  • #FatLadyAIntSung We’re likely to see an uptick in the use of religion to justify illegal LGBT discrimination after EEOC decision

Sausage Makers And Their Sausage

  • #BrownbacksTheMatterWithKansas Brownback’s office: Religious freedom order doesn’t apply to local government
  • #NotTheOnion Governor Abbot is sending the Texas State Guard to make sure that the USA doesn’t take over Texas.
  • #MehScience Ted Cruz Is Really Excited About Pluto. So Why Does He Want to Cripple NASA?
  • #SayWhat? Breaking: Republican US Senators Kill LGBT Students’ Anti-Bullying Bill
  • #MehWomen House GOP Pulls Breast Cancer Bill Over Unfounded #Abortion Concerns
  • #UnitedStatesOfTheocracy Republicans In Congress Push A Federal Evangelical License To Discriminate Law


  • #UnAppealing ‘Healing touch’ faith healer who asked clients to be naked loses appeal
  • #HowToSayArsonGateInHebrew? Three Jewish Terrorist Suspects in Israeli Church-Burning Identified – - and Hushed Up
  • #AnointedOne Largely unrepentant ex-Mars Hill’s Mark Driscoll is back in numerous pulpits
  • #SexPest Rabbi Eliezer Berland’s Aide Detained By Police In Hunt For Missing For Missing Hasidic Leader
  • #19AndCropping Josh Duggar missing from family’s Facebook photo — ‘family values’ fans are furious
  • #BecauseJesus Florida church sends $1,000 collection notice to single mother because she didn’t tithe
  • #ReligiousQuackeryAbounds Autism: how unorthodox treatments by quacks like Jim Humble can exploit the vulnerable
  • #WorseThanCosby Evangelical pastor arrested for sex abuse after being found with 13-year-old girl in backseat of a car
  • #TakeEmDown Group Behind Planned Parenthood Sting Video May Have Tricked IRS, Donors

Supremes And Lower Courts

  • #MoorePuke Roy Moore To RW Extremists: LGBTQs Need ‘God, Not Government’
  • #SoDuh Court To Liberty University: Your Liability Insurance Doesn’t Cover Kidnapping Children From Their Gay Parents
  • #TheCompanyHeKeeps Justice Roy Moore accepts award from radical anti-choice group that blamed 9/11 on legal abortion
  • #NaNaNiBooBoo GOP Texas Judge Will Only Marry Same-Sex Couples If They Sign A Form Saying He’d Rather Not
  • #STFU Anti-LGBT Kentucky clerk insists he is ‘being violated’ by governor’s order to follow law he swore to uphold
  • #HeHathIssues ‘Homosexual behavior leads to death’: Ford engineer sues for religious right to harass gay co-workers
  • #MooreIsLess Ala. Supreme Court Justice — Satan Made U.S. Supreme Court Rule in Favor of Marriage
  • #KYRarelyDisapoints First round of legal challenges to the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling happened in Kentucky Monday.
  • #SayethTheFelon Tom DeLay urges Congress to punish entire federal court system for SCOTUS gay marriage decision
  • #HamheadHurl Ken Ham Advances Lawsuit Against KY Over Life-Size Noah’s Ark; State Argues Biblical Ark Is a Tool for Evangelism

Theocracy Rising

  • #BrokenLawz County Clerk In Trouble For Displaying 20 Crosses On Wall
  • #ServingNow Rep. Robert Pittenger says that his “primary mission” as a member of Congress is to be “an emissary for Christ”
  • #AndTheyreArmed Anti-government groups urge local officials, backed by armed militias, to defy SCOTUS on marriage
  • #Oy Religious Freedom bill picks up momentum in the House.
  • #KingOPhobe Steve King Wants Congress To Officially Resolve That Equality ‘Perverts’ Marriage
  • #AhButItDoes Brownback’s office: Religious freedom order doesn’t apply to local government
  • #VotesTheBible NC Republican tells religious gathering that his “primary mission” as a congressman is to promote the Gospel of Christ.
  • #GodsArmy Evangelical policy activists raise ‘God’s army’ at Colorado Springs conference




The Book Booth: The Watchman Edition



Image: Publishers Weekly

The Book Booth is a weekly feature at The Political Carnival, relating news, notes, and reflections from the world of books and publishing. @SeattleDan, along with his wife, SeattleTammy, are operators of both an on-line bookstore here, as well as a brick and mortar storefront mini-store in Hoquiam, WA at 706 Simpson Ave (Route 101 South). Both have been in the book business since shortly after the Creation, or close to 6000 years now.

The Book Booth: The Watchman Edition

Not the Watchmen. The Watchman, as in Go Set a Watchman. Yes, Harper Lee's novel has finally hit the bookstores. It has been anticipated for a while, with some trepidation. The first chapter was released before Tuesday's release and met with some mixed reviews and feeling, as Publishers Weekly reports.
Early Reviews of Go Set a Watchman

And, as to be expected, the sales on Tuesday were astounding.
Watchman's First Day Sales

In case you need refreshing on the controversy surrounding the book, NPR discussed the background on this podcast. You'll need to scroll to the Monday, January 13th edition.
Watchman Publishing Controversy
(scroll down to Monday, July 13th, 2015 - Hour 1)

PW also asked a number of authors for their reflections on To Kill a Mockingbird and the impact that book made on them as persons and writers.
Mockingbird's Influence on Authors

And could there be more Harper Lee books to come? CNN reported that there may be yet another novel and a non-fiction work no longer hidden in a drawer somewhere.
Still Another? Harper Lee Novel Out There?
I'm certain that there will be no forthcoming unpublished novels by Jane Austen. Well, at least I'm reasonably sure. Nevertheless, despite all the years since her novels were released, there is still much to learn about them. MentalFloss lists ten things you may not know about Pride and Prejudice here.

If you are in the mood for something different, and you enjoy short stories, you may want to check out the recommendations from Mia Alvar, whose own collection, In the Country, was recently released. Some of these I don't know, but Pam Houston is always a hoot and Bienvenido Santos's Scent of Apples is a treasure to be discovered, if you haven't already.
10 Short Story Collections You've Never Read

Everyone has a favorite summer song. I always liked Chad and Jeremy's Summer Song. And, of course, The Beach Boys, pick a song, any song. Amy Sachs posted some of her favorite books which inspired songs over at Bustle.
Summer Songs, Summer Books

Ahh, nothing like enjoying a libation while lazing about on a summers day and reading a book. Kristian Wilson suggested some drink and book pairings here.
Summer Drinks, Summer Books

Finally, we are book nerds, aren't we? Admit it. Farrah Penn at Buzzfeed has conveniently charted and Venn Diagramed what that exactly means.
What Does It Mean to be a 'Book Nerd'?

Good readings to you all this weekend. If you happen to be reading Go Set a Watchman, let us know how you like it. Or let us know about any other book you are enjoying.