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Switzerland from Above - Top Sights (HD)


Switzerland from Above

One of my favorite countries in the world:

From YouTube

Relax and enjoy the landscapes and history of Switzerland, in beautiful HD video. Great if you plan to visit, or if you want to learn more about Switzerland.

This journey is Romont, the Chartreuse de la Valsainte (ancient monastery), Lake Geneva, Montreaux (of Jazz Festival fame), Verbier (famous ski resort), Valais (mountains), brief flight over Italy, then Locarno and Ascona on the shores of Lake Maggiore.


Overnight: Fasnacht in Basel, Switzerland: Morgenstreich


Fasnacht Basel SwitzerlandMore from 'Carnival' aka 'Mardi Gras' celebrations around the world, in this case in Basel, Switzerland.

One of the events this video covers is the 'Morgenstreich' - the 'morning prank' - so-called because it takes place on the Monday after the start of Lent in defiance, in years by, of a papal prohibition of any festivities taking place once Lent begins.


Switzerland fights Income Inequality



Because of Swiss banks' privacy policies, (no longer as private as they once were) we tend to think of Switzerland as a bastion of capitalism in the 'free enterprise - if you don't make it, that's your problem' libertarian sense.

But that's just not the case.

I was talking with a Swiss pilot yesterday about how much I admire his country (which I've often visited).  One thing which always struck me about it was how well government and free enterprise work together (not against each other as the right-wingers here see the way to go) to create prosperity for all.  The Swiss would never tolerate the type of income inequality we (now after years of Republican obstruction and destruction) take for granted.

Take a look at this story from Bloomberg Business Week:

The Swiss Join the Fight Against Inequality