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A Bucket of Ice Water


Nicole Sandler

When Homer Simpson joins in, you know you've gone viral.

Although the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised awareness about the disease and a lot of money, there's so much we still don't know about it - thus the need for a campaign like this one.

Homer challenged Donald Trump who actually dumped water on that thing on his head, proving that his hair really looks like that! I hope that dump also included a hefty donation!

My favorite is still this 2-year old

I'm pretty confident in guessing that most people didn't know what ALS was before this month of ice water dumping. Sadly, I knew. I knew about ALS because someone I knew and admired fought the disease and, eventually, succumbed to it.

I first met Eric Lowen in the early 1990's. He was the "Lowen" half of the duo Lowen & Navarro who wrote amazing songs and sang beautiful harmonies together. Eric was diagnosed with ALS in 2004, and lost his battle in March of 2012. 

For the past few months, I've been running interviews and performances from my music radio days on Friday mornings as a bridge to the weekend. Today, as ALS is in the news and Eric Lowen is on my mind, I reached out to my dear friend Dan Navarro and invited him to join me to talk about all of it, and share in listening to one of our in-studio sessions from December of 1999 too.

Dan Navarro has continued as a solo artist, and has worked to educate others about ALS with the goal of someday helping to eradicate this awful disease. He's also fully immersed himself (figuratively and literally) in the ALS ice bucket challenge. You can see some of his work on his Facebook page. 

It was a busy first hour of the show too. Jim Dean joined me to talk about the great work Democracy for America is doing. They've recently endorse Shenna Bellows in her race for the US Senate against Susan Collins of Maine, Mary Burke for Governor of Wisconsin (vs the evil Scott Walker), and more.

And Jason Leopold, who couldn't get to Guantanamo Bay this week through no fault of his own (damned weather gods) but has landed firmly and deservedly at Vice News, joined me to talk about his reporting on Gitmo, national security issues and the fact that his persistence in filing FOIA requests has put him squarely inside the story about Sen. Dianne Feinstein trying to delay the release of the CIA torture report. 

And with that, it's the end of the week, the month and, sadly, the summer. I'll be taking Monday off for Labor Day, but will return Tuesday to kick off the fall with GottaLaff... cuz we gotta laugh, or else we cry... and whatever else the weekend brings. Talk to you then, Radio or Not.


Fast-spreading Ebola Virus in West Africa Has Killed 725 + Victims


lobotomy Presumably Fvx Nation and its cadré of pompous sports casters and Hate Radio sheeple will not give a bloody damned damn until the American death toll begins to mount. Which could be

In the meantime, the Fvxers blew up each other's phones in a massive push to hype their Idjit science-fiction that President Obama has soshalistic roots sown so deep that his propensity toward income redistribution (SO old and SO Whiny-Grum).

And My Gawd, how about those filthy immigrant children Obama snuck into foster care without any input to Governor Mike Pence. [As always apologies for the Fox Noise]

Ronan Farrow Daily did an informative look at the growing number of victims with … and no immunization in sight.

And a harsh look at the reasons for no available med to protect infection and ward off ebola.


Ebola-related travel warnings have already been issued, and many are quarantined. From José Díaz-Balart.

Chris Hayes had an interesting guest-expert on All In, Dr. Stephen Morse, contagion specialist, to to illuminate us on the reason there’s not yet an Ebola vaccine.

Chris Hayes talks to Dr. Stephen Morse, an expert in infectious diseases, about what’s preventing U.S. drug companies from developing an Ebola vaccine.



Next In The Hobby Lobbyish SCROTUS Crosshairs: LGBTQ Everything?


Jonathan Martin, sitting in for young and on holiday Steve Kornacki, had the most satisfying segment on the Hobby Slobby SCROTUS hot mess than we are likely to see in a while - it was a table of experts on many topic … then went there with LGBTQ!

It is near-shocking that we aren't even a month out from SCROTUS champion decision to let corporations tell a female employee if and what kind of birth control she can expect to be paid for by her insurance company. To which some of her own wages and probably taxpayer dollars are already contributing to … so she may end up paying for her method of birth control two or three times by the end of the lament about how badly SCROTUS Screwed Women again.


But back to the expert discussion. One of the best moments has to be the charming and Lady Parts Advocate Gabi Domenzain, she carried the mantle well for the sisterhood, methinks. Chris Geidner and Justin Snow were perfection for back-up and their passions.

It is tremendously heartening to know that these youngish persons, so different culturally and otherwise, can look ahead to what the Regressive Right is trying to do - with utter SCROTUS compliance, and fight back! They are the right age to have grown up with someone of different ethnicity, sexual preference or even belief IN religious beliefs.

They don't necessarily take one look at a dude like Barack Obama, clutch their pearls (or nuts) and scream "Anti-Christtttt!!" on sheer instinct, in other tone.

Get used to it GOP … your era has come, gone and will heretofore only be visited in 'pensive mausoleums or luxe cemetery hilltop location location locations.


Perhaps somewhere near a member of the SCROTUS that got you to those heights.


The inimitable Horsey, The L.A. Times

The inimitable Horsey, The L.A. Times


Regressives Hand Out Emergency Care Death Sentences in North Carolina



Most liberals were impressed by Republican Mayor Adam O’Neal of the small North Carolina town of Bellehaven, who went to the mic and the mat for a small rural hospital under threat of closure if the pinch-pursing asshattery didn't get Medicaid expansion moving along.

“The path the legislators are on right now has already caused stress on our hospitals; and especially rural hospitals,” Mayor O’Neal said. “Our rural hospitals could hardly survive in the past due to the reimbursement for indigent care. Without Medicaid Expansion the reimbursements are falling and hospitals like the one in my hometown are on the brink of possibly even closing. ... If you do not have critical access hospitals, people needlessly die. That’s a fact.”

That hospital is resigned to closing its doors as of yesterday.

What the hell is wrong with the Right, that their regressive hysteria about money and contraception have us letting our neighbors die? This isn't ideology anymore, this is actual blood sport.

You're so concerned with every pregnancy on the planet coming to term ... do you now expect women to be birthin' their own babies at home?

Right under our noses these arrogant, stingy men like Rick Perry and Chris Christie and Scott in FloridaFloridaFlorida have had the audacity to make the Imperial Proclamations that THEIR America won't have any part of the abomination of Obamacare ... whether their constituents need it or not.To survive.

Lawrence O'Donnell covered it beautifully last night. Have a gander and I'll meet you on the other side with commensurate outrage.

Background footage from June. Rural health and emergency care has GOT to be looked after in this country ...

Southern Republican defies party to come out... by ewillies

I can speak to this personally.[Dear Liberal Readers, feel free to skip this or even return, I was just too impassioned not to include my own experiences.] A little over two years ago there was a [second] Vermont redneck-ish Nascar ambulance run to get my bleeding-out self from our local regional medical center (basics only) to the trauma center in Burlington, 67.2 miles north. Over mountain roads.

The two rides of note were 25 years of chronic illness apart, and the sad political statement about rural healthcare advancements wasn't lost on my parents and husband when I got to their ER and ICU just in time to be crash-carted and get a few pints of high test. Five to fifteen more minutes would have been a very different ending, and I owe my life to the driver that broke his peer's previous record for that one early evening run, and the medic that talked me through the race.

Not three months ago, someone as dear as a brother to me [and partner at my 6-year home blogging base Free Range Talk], suffered a heart attack that then led to the insertion of some high tech intertubings … but was just able to get ambulanced to his incredibly fine Dallas Urgent Care within minutes, within the seconds, really, that his (formerly behaving) ticker had left to tock. That was but a two to three minute grace period in a major American city. Terrifying. In his own words:

Yes, the infarction was a bit of a shock. I felt like a vampire with a stake being driven through my heart. Barely made it, I was in surgery within 10 minutes of arriving at the hospital (which luckily is less than 3 minutes from my house.)


How are those stories possible in 2014 in the United States of America?! Never mind hospitals and clinics closing despite more incoming patients. It's beyond Opposite World.

Republican Regressive backlash is now beginning to distill the bitter results of its parsimony - people in the age of the iPhone 6 still need ambulances, trained emergency personnel and Actual hospitals in order to have a functioning society.

Image, Cagle Cartoons

Image, Cagle Cartoons

These petulant obstructionist governors should each be faced by a Mayor O'Neal and publicly shamed out of their public manses housing. And off their tax-payer funded helipads.

Jesus for damned sure wouldn't be shutting down hospitals in the sticks of North Carolina, let a non-believer declare that.