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Out of Print? New Media is all about the digital, Ba-bey.


The day the Hearst printing presses in Washington state turned out the last edition of the famed Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a few years back. I’m all for the New Media, hell, I’m here, but I confess to a well of sadness springing up within. This marks the first newspaper of it’s size and age (146 years) to move completely online.

I’m compelled to ask, what’s next for the industry guillotine, America? Are we poised on the cusp of being a society completely Out of Print?

The fateful day The New York Times put advertising on their front page, it heralded a seismic shift in the mores and future of print journalism. Next, The Washington Post saw the need to nearly jettison the in-depth nature of the business section they’ve been producing since the 1880′s. Their Book World section bit the dust already. Folks can now download
such things to Kindle or iPad.


WaPo was my local paper for several wonderful years, and just long enough ago that they were still considered a part of the famed biased liberal media. As a matter of fact, my mentor/professor Sec. Madeleine Albright had some fascinating stories involving her marital sticky wickets while she was married to one of the paper’s legendary editors. She was at State under
President Carter for some events her spouse felt to be of keen interest to him, but alas, his security clearance didn’t accommodate that level of pillow talk.

I confess to now getting the bulk of my news online. As bloggers we crave and seek the dérnier cri on every topic, it’s virtually part and parcel of one’s self esteem as an informed and truly proactive citizen.


We nearly haven’t the patience for print. Instant gratification triumphs again. My European friends and acquaintances have been right since school, we drive-through life as Americans, opting for speed -- over true depth or revelry.

Then a shiny link takes our eye, and the phenomenon of the Internets add clicks in to gear … fourteen links later, you’re about to click Review Purchase/Submit for a lilac smooth-cup, balconette pushup bra On Sale for next-to-nothing at Victoria’s Secret.

So I ask, with as usual a relevant Seinfeld in mind, what is genuinely savor-worthy anymore?


For there used to be nothing like a Sunday morning built around your local/chosen, plump with possibilities and plans, uber-gigantic print newspaper. Passing the husband my Powerbook along with seconds on raspberries simply won’t cut it.

Not only would there be créme fraiche garnishing my keyboard, I’d also have to stand on my head to navigate pull-down menus for him. And it’s just not as satisfying to get fired up about a Maureen Dowd piece, and dramatically evince a “Can you believe her? Read this!!” when you are referencing a computer screen rather than angrily passing the real thing with a satisfying paper snap.

Then the stereotypical obvious: how in the world can one hide behind the Living section at the breakfast table? Shall we see men parading into their daily bathroom multi-tasking sessions with a laptop under their arms for a good read of the sports headlines? I think not.

I do love the New Media, again, I participate a bit in variants of the same. Yet I also feel strongly that this is a rapidly morphing cultural paradigm with far-reaching and yet unanticipated ripples. Now Don’t Even Pack re the green arguments, we have mentally pre-countered them all.

I leave you with two alarming and cautionary words : Crossword Puzzles.




Ralph Nader Weighs In on Big Pharma Run Amok



Here's just #one more way we are  getting  screwed as a consumer.  Or a client - or both.

Big Pharma.

Just last the pizza party for  week, my Part B highway robbers wanted $285 for 30 days of my pancreatic enzymes … so I had the hubs return it pronto.

You have to draw the line somewhere.



Ralph Nader wrote the following, in a blistering rail at the Big Pharma that he's been chasing for decades.

The pharmaceutical industry spends far more on marketing and advertising to physicians and patients than what it spends on research and development. More drug industry funds go to influencing politicians to prevent the implementation of price restraints on its staggering markups.


We'll never forget Nader's role in 2000, but he is a passionate, progressive voice that can still be informed about and aware -- but you can't fault Nader and his fervor for liberals.

It is remarkable what very profitable drug companies—as they merge into fewer giant multinationals—continue to get away with by way of crony capitalism. Despite frequent exposure of misdeeds, the army of drug company lobbyists in Washington continues to gain political influence and rake in corporate welfare at the expense of taxpayers. The drug industry goes beyond crony capitalism when it then charges Americans the highest drug prices in the world.


GOP attacks Biden


TGIF Cocktail Moment: The Baltimore Bang


A classic outside of Baltimore as well.


The Baltimore Bang

From Saveur.

This stiff take on a whiskey sour is traditionally made with apricot brandy, but to make it even more Baltimorean (and slightly less sweet), we've swapped that out for cognac—a nod to the bottle left annually on the Baltimore gravesite of Edgar Allan Poe.

1½ oz. bourbon
¾ oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
½ oz. fruity cognac, like Rèmy Martin
¼ oz. simple syrup
Twist of orange peel, for garnish

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine all ingredients except orange peel. Shake thoroughly and strain into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with orange twist.



War. What is it good for ?



Absolutely Nothing [besides the rich patently seeing how much they can hoard and how many minions they want to herd up to vote against their own interests].

There's not even a fencepost in sight about ISIS/ISIL … they can't seem to come up with a moniker that sticks, nor does anyone but John McGrumpus et al want to call this conflict A War.

As a country, think we are seriously fatigued of buying one war and getting two wars for free.

Morning Schmoe and Mika must have to practice newly horrified(!) faces at home for use in front of the camera, gawd those two can annoy with the speed of sound.

And they sometimes fall backasswards into great stories. From MSNBC.

Another edifying segment arose about the foreign affairs boondoggle.

It's as if any Republican gets caught within shouting range of the Democrat president and they're indignant, idiotically, irrationally writing it in The Family Bible right before the 'Don't Tread On Me' Gadsden flag was deployed and unfurled to serve as a magic cape on the Hill.

Absolutely nothin"!