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Just published: photographs of Paddy provided to us by her brother Chris. Thanks, Chris!

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GottaLaff lives in California. She's a UCLA grad and takes pride in her vast experience bellowing catcalls at what passes for TV news. Her career includes teaching theatre at a performing arts high school; TV, stage, improv/stand-up; directing, writing, you name it. You might even catch her on the radio with Lizz Winstead, Nicole Sandler, Shane-O, John Fugelsang, Angie Coiro, or anyone who will have her. Laffy's posts tend to go for the lighter--okay, demented--side, suitable for pointing and laughing.

You can reach Laffy at:  GottaLaff at ThePoliticalCarnival dot Net.

David Garber  For the past 25 years, David Garber has been serving as the show runner and/or writer on some of television's biggest hits… His work includes stints on such diverse shows as The Power Rangers, Saved By the Bell, The Simpsons, Alien Nation, 227, The Fall Guy, and the live action Disney film, Dennis The Menace. As well as his extensive stints on these series, David spent two years under contract to Eddie Murphy, writing and producing his stand-up concerts as well as his television development slate at Paramount Pictures. His writing and producing have also netted David two very prestigious awards: the PRISM AWARD and the TV CRITICS AWARD – TV SPECIAL OF THE YEAR.

David's most recent book is HOLLYWOOD HUCKSTER. It has its own website: Hollywood Huckster. It's on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D19FJY4.

LWDGrfx, Lucian (W) Dixon, our web designer, is a photographer who lives in Jackson, Mississippi. He can be reached at 'lwdgrfx at thepoliticalcarnival dot net'.

A note about Paddy Kraska who, sadly, is no longer among us.
This was her entry on the 'About' page for years.

Paddy lives in Indiana. She's the Lou Grant to Laffy's Mary Tyler Moore, and has an astute mind to go with her acerbic wit. However, she looks nothing like Ed Asner. Due to many years being acerbic, sarcastic and annoyingly opinionated she decided that blogging would be the only way to not have her head explode during the Bush years and it just kinda stuck.

Note: Paddy Kraska passed away on January 16, 2014 in her sleep at home in Mishawaka, Indiana. You can learn more about her from this video: http://thepoliticalcarnival.net/2014/01/21/audio-paddy-was-my-lou-grant-income-inequality-was-her-newman/


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