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K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.

A Bi-Weekly Upchuck February 3, 2016

Abortion, Contraception And Other Womens’ Issues

  • Apple Maps Sends Abortion Seekers to Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • Kentucky Democrats, Planned Parenthood Fight Two-Pronged Anti-Choice Effort
  • 147 anti-choice bills were introduced in state legislatures during the first month of 2016
  • Anti-choice activists including prominent Cruz endorser link East Coast blizzard to North Dakota abortion ruling

Education – - Or Not

  • UK bans teaching of creationism in any school that receives public funding.
  • Enter Christian education: Four terrible bills that have Kansas schools playing defense
  • Christian football team threatens legal action after officials block players from using loudspeakers in pre-match prayer
  • Ted Cruz teams up with Duggar-loving singing troupe to kill public education
  • Kansas Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook Continues Crusade to Make Teaching Sex Ed a Prosecutable Crime.
  • Maryland senators are hearing #SB267 which would allow prayer at all school events. Read our letter against the bill


Fifty Shades Of Hate-Based Incitement

  • Top Ted Cruz endorser, Phil Robertson ‘Rid The Earth Of’ Gay Marriage Supporters
  • India Reconsidering Homosexuality Ban
  • Self-Hate: Gay Republicans Care More About Democrats Losing Than LGBT Equality
  • Why Chick-Fil-A’s Anti-LGBT Giving Is Still A Problem
  • Ken Ham: “Obama said today in speech a Mosque is like a church or synagogue where they come to worship God. But Moslems don’t believe Christ is God!”
  • Ted Cruz Endorser And Face Of Today’s GOP, Phil Robertson, Claims Black People Were ‘Happy’ Pre-Civil Rights
  • Fondly remembering the time Santorum spoke with an activist who thought Obama tried to nuke Charleston
  • Trump-loving extremist says Christians should beat gays on the street: ‘Jesus would have killed them all’


Fifty Shades Of Lies, Hypocrisies And General Propaganda

  • Rafael Cruz Says His Lying Son is Telling the Truth Just like Jesus
  • Catholic Church Thinks It Shouldn’t Have To Pay Fines For Abuse Because Of Religious Freedom
  • Church tells 84-year-old woman she can’t be buried next to husband because she missed services


Fifty Shades Of Stark Raving Mad

  • Ted Cruz prayer team warns Satan is waging war against Cruz’s campaign & “rejoicing over our communication problems”
  • Kim Davis’ Lawyer: ‘Christians Will Face Discriminatory Tax’


If Media’s The Message

  • At Ted Cruz event, Phil Robertson calls gay marriage ‘evil’
  • Extremist Radio Hosts Rally For Ted Cruz On The Eve Of The Iowa Caucuses
  • Iowa radio host Steve Deace said Ted Cruz overcame “real spiritual warfare” to win the caucuses
  • ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Wants To ‘Rid The Earth’ Of Gay Marriage Supporters
  • UNREAL: TLC To Bring Back The Duggars’ 19 Kids & Counting
  • Complicit: How National Media Helped Steve Deace Push Cruz To Victory In Iowa
  • Christian singer tells CNN she’s willing to die for LaVoy Finicum’s beliefs: ‘If I lose my life — it’s worth it’
  • Iowa Talk Show Host Likens Trump Followers To Pagan Cultists

Israel, End Times And John Hagee

  • Western Wall Prayer Space Deal Is a Capitulation to Fundamentalists
  • Michele Bachmann: Obama Seeks Global Domination As Battle Of Armageddon Approaches
  • Tom Cotton’s latest attempt to undermine and embarrass the US on the world stage

Politics Nation

  • Iowa Crowd Dead Silent During Sarah Palin’s Desperate Rant Against Steve King At Trump Rally
  • Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he recently sent a text message to Cruz that read: “Remember your opponents cannot defeat you if the Lord is with you.”
  • Religion and irreligion got the job done in Iowa for Cruz and Sanders.
  • Ted Cruz has mastered the art of evangelical politics
  • Ted Cruz’s Radical Supporters: He Won Iowa on the Back of the Scariest Bible-Thumpers in the Business
  • Meet the Evangelicals Who Hate Donald Trump

Religion Gone Bad Gone Mad


  • Would you buy ‘Miracle Spring Water’ from this conman?
  • Scamming in the name of the Lord
  • With Huckabee out of the race, will he go back to his gig pushing fake cures for diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer?
  • The strange case of the pastor released from Iran and his wife’s abuse allegations
  • Abusive former Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll to start new church in Phoenix
  • Oklahoma City pastor accused of stealing thousands of dollars from former church
  • Christian’ Dad Beat Daughter With Frozen Bacon While Quoting Bible — For Jesus

Science – - Or Not

  • Not-So-Moderate-Kasich:”My daughters go to a Christian school, and I’m very proud of the fact that they have both come to know the Lord,” he added. He also affirmed his belief in the historicity of the Bible. “I believe there was indeed an ark – and not just any ark but an impossibly, unfathomably huge ark – and that Noah undertook this impossibly, unfathomably huge task and completed it heroically,” he wrote. “And I don’t just choose to believe this because it pleases me to do so. I’ve read a bunch of texts and studied all kinds of histories and have come to the conclusion that there was indeed a man called Noah, who did indeed build a giant ark, which did indeed weather a tremendous flood and bring about a great change.”
  • Ken Ham : “We live in an age of fiction -as so many who haven’t been taught how to think correctly are brainwashed & believe a fairy tale—evolution!”
  • Believe it Or Not – Jeb! Sinks Lower Than Trump and Cruz
  • Rafael Cruz Says His Lying Son is Telling the Truth Just like Jesus
  • Ken Ham: “Once children are taught HOW to think correctly about science they easily see through evolution as a belief – a religion used to reject God”
  • Marco Rubio Is Ready And Willing To Let Florida Drown
  • The brick & mortar reality of stupid: Creation Museum hopes to triple in size


Supremes And Lower Courts

  • Arkansas Faces Class Action Lawsuit Challenging Planned Parenthood Medicaid Cuts
  • Tony Perkins: “If there is one candidate in this election who I want picking the next 2-3 Supreme Court justices, it’s Ted Cruz.”
  • Gavel Drop: So Much Bad News for Daleiden. So Much.
  • Meet The Apologist For Workplace Sexual Abuse That Ted Cruz Wants On The Supreme Court

Theocracy Rising

  • Trump Says He’ll Appoint Justices Who Will Overturn Marriage Equality
  • Facts with a side of Pander. ‘5 Faith Facts’ series looks at religion and 2016 election contenders
  • Marine Does Not Have A Right To Display Religious Signs On Government Property
  • Justice Department Appointee Blocked Over Stand Opposing Church-Based Politicking
  • Scads Of Christian Schools Win Waivers To Federal Anti-Discrimination Law
  • Ted Cruz went full on church sermon in his victory speech
  • Beyond The Pale: Ted Cruz Puts Extremists At The Center Of His Campaign
  • There’s an old saying that says you are the company you keep, and if Ted Cruz is the company he keeps, that’s downright terrifying.
  • How Ted Cruz’s Evangelical Strategy Won Him Iowa, And Why It Could Win Him The Nomination
  • What Porno Pete The Homophobe thinks of Rubio:
  • “Rush is right about Rubio. If he’s the new #GOP “establishment,” then conservatives are taking over the Republican Party.”
  • ‘Here Am I Lord, Use Me’: Ted Cruz’s Dad Says Holy Ghost Authorized White House Run
  • Kansas Republicans threaten teachers with jail time for perfectly legal sex ed material
  • Mikey Weinstein: The DHA’s disclaimer regarding faith based fitness messaging is “nothing more than a pathetic attempt to essentially put lipstick on a pig,”



  • 5 faith facts about Sen. Bernie Sanders: Unabashedly irreligious
  • Ted Cruz National Co-Chair: Trump Bought Off Palin
  • Abandoned by his God, the Huckster is O-U-T.
  • The Froth Will Out: Santorum Suspending Presidential Campaign