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K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.  You can read her earlier posts on The Political Carnival here and more about who she is on her own website here

The Weekly Upchuck June 14, 2015

Abortion, Contraception And Women’s Issues


  • #NoBrainer Americans United wants school to stop field trips to creationist museum
  • #Nope An Indiana school district told a student to ‘get along’ with his coaches when he objected to Christian prayers
  • #FastTrackToDoom: Idaho Republicans: Public schools should use the Bible as a science and law textbook
  • #MuchIsTheMatterWithKansas Creationist Group: Kansas Schools Are Indoctrinating Students into Atheism by Teaching Them ‘Science’
  • #TheDumbingOfAmerica The Bible v. the Constitution Politicians, school boards, principals, and teachers are pushing creationism on kids
  • #DestroyingChildrenOneDayAtATime Florida teacher believes she did nothing wrong by outing girl and asking boy if he’s gay

Fifty Shades Of Stark Raving Mad

  • #OffTheDeepDeepEnd Owners of non-kosher cell phones banned from prayer roles
  • #BrainLeak Pat Robertson: Comfort grieving mom by saying God stopped her dead baby from becoming next Hitler
  • #PlaysTheNaziCard Pastor Fears America Will Start Exterminating Christians, Nazi-Style
  • #BuhByeSeeYaWouldntWannaBeYa Utah Politician Won’t Eat Until The State Bans Same Sex Marriage

If Media’s The Message

  • #ManipulativeKaKa Racist anti-choice billboards now targeting Black communities in #Atlanta
  • #YouCanWantButYouCantHave Family Research Council spokesman wants to recruit LeBron James to be a Religious Right leader
  • #HoistedOnHerOwnPetard Sarah Palin goes after the “lame stream media” that is Fox.
  • #LandsARagin Richard Land warns that the new “Lucifer” TV show is evidence that Fox is “being influenced by satanic forces”
  • #ConflatingInsanity Radio host Michael Savage: gay U.S. soldiers and ISIS terrorists are really “two sides of a coin”

Israel, End Times And John Hagee

  • #SingHallelujah Megachurch Pastor Greg Laurie Says Rapture Next Event on End Times Prophetic Calendar
  • #RippedFromTheGoodBook End Timer predicts that Russia Will Invade US As God’s Judgment ‘For Becoming A Land Of Sodomites’
  • #YawnSigh End Times alert: Franklin Graham blames Last Days on gays and Obama, Cal. GOPer blames drought on abortion rights


  • #NowhereToRun Franklin Graham Urges Boycott of Wells Fargo for Featuring Same-Sex Couple in Ad
  • #PornosTinFoilHat Peter LaBarbera Encourages Callers Who Speculate The Government & Gay People Are Intentionally Spreading HIV
  • #SchadenfreudeRulesTheDay Franklin Graham Drops Bank Over LGBT Rights Stance, Joins Bank That’s Sponsoring A Pride Event
  • #CrikeyCreepers Christian ‘ex gay’ group hit with £100,000 bill over banned bus ad
  • #BlowinInTheWind Clayton, NC Pastor Speaks Out About Discriminatory Marriage Law
  • #MichiganBlue Michigan GOP lawmakers send antigay ‘religious refusal’ adoption bills to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk
  • #TalibanY’All Pastors Pledge Civil Disobedience If Supreme Court Redefines Marriage
  • #GearingUp Two states passed anti-LGBT bills this week–and the Supreme Court hasn’t even ruled on marriage equality yet
  • #LandOfInsanity Richard Land warns that gays have seized “cultural icons” like the military, Boy Scouts & Disney

Lies And Propaganda

  • #ElectionThiefInChief Ken Blackwell: Response To Gay Marriage Decision On Par With 9-11, Civil War
  • #GodsBattlefield The inescapable paradox of American Christian fundamentalism
  • #SingHallelujahTheEndIsNear! Rick Joyner warns that a SCOTUS ruling legalizing gay marriage will be a “trial run” for the Mark of the Beast:
  • #MileysBugUpKensArse Ken Ham in a snit over ‘Sexual Perversion’ After Pop Star Calls Belief in Noah’s Ark ‘Insane’

Military – Crusaders In Our Midst

  • #OopsTheyDidItAgain Chaplain violated Army rule in promoting book
  • #OopsHeDidItAgain Pat Robertson Calls Mikey Weinstein “One Little Jewish Guy” … AGAIN

Politics Nation

  • #EatingTheirOwn Fox host hammers Santorum for trying to muzzle the pope on climate change To what purpose? Must be to elevate whoever they think has the best chance against Hillary.
  • #LetTheGamesBegin Lindsey Graham: The GOP Tent Is Big Enough For Caitlyn Jenner
  • #WhereDidOurLoveGo? Huckabee Camp Says Removal of Duggars From Website Was Planned; ‘It Will Be Up to Them’ If They Join Campaign Trail
  • #GeezLouise Huckabee Stands By ‘Commonsense’ Transgender Locker Room Joke
  • #OnTheRag Scott Walker says he’d consider a constitutional amendment allowing states to ban same-sex marriage
  • #WhoLetTheAirOutOfFrothysFroth? Rick Santorum finds only one voter waiting at Iowa campaign event, warns her about gay marriage
  • #DukingItOutForTheBase Scott Walker Drafts a Home-Schooled Army
  • #NeedsToBeOuted Lindsey Graham Says He’ll Have A ‘Rotating First Lady’ If Elected President
  • #Huckajesus ‘Stunned & Shocked’ by Media ‘Exploitation’ of Christian Duggar Family
  • #Pedophiles4Mike Mike Huckabee has a brand new child molester problem — the co-author of his
  • #QuietlyBornAgain John Kasich joins 2016 GOP presidential candidates at corrupt Ralph Reed’s Religious Right summit
  • #ThumbsDownOnFrothy: Rick Santorum Vows to Fight Supreme Court to Keep Gays Oppressed
  • #LittleBobbyGiveItUp Bobby Jesus Jindal to participate in SC prayer rally this weekend
  • #ButFirstHeGotOffOnThem Dennis Hastert kept file sliming “homosexuals” as child molesters
  • #PanderWhore Jebya clarifies remarks on stigma attached to kids born out of wedlock.
  • #PanderGraham Graham has made it clear he doesn’t expect [the 20-week ban] to be passed into law.”
  • #PanderNation Jebya is chasing the 2016 evangelical vote (just like he said he wouldn’t.)

Religion Gone Mad Gone Bad

Sausage Makers And Their Sausage

  • #SCROTALWorries Sen. Mike Lee says SCOTUS marriage decision could disrupt entire “constitutional order”
  • #FreedomFROMWorship Senator Rebukes DHS for Suggesting Freedom of Religion Is Only Freedom to Worship
  • #ScareMongeringOfTheGOPKind Churches Could Be Forced To Close If Supreme Court Rules For Same-Sex Marriage
  • #BlameItOnTheGaysSigh California Assemblywoman: Drought Represents God’s Wrath Over Abortion
  • #KingsASickPuppy Steve King On Sex Abuse Scandal: ‘The Only Victim Here Is Denny Hastert’
  • #CryUsARiver North Carolina Lt. Gov. says the only people facing marriage discrimination are Christians
  • #This.Happened. Marco Rubio And Five Members Of Congress Voted For Florida’s ‘Scarlet Letter’ Adoption Bill


  • #FamilyValuesAShowin ‘Christian’ school board candidate held on $15 million bail for attempting to have wife murdered
  • #PraiseJesus Duggars’ 15 minutes is over: They’re ‘on life support and the plug is going to be pulled’
  • #ItsAboutRepressionStupid Did Jim Bob Duggar admit that fundamentalist families have a sibling molestation problem?
  • #SadSoVerySad. Josh Duggar’s Sisters, Jill and Jessa, Says Entire Family Has Forgiven Him; Lash Out at In Touch’s Parent Company as ‘Major Porn Provider’
  • #OfficerKrupke!!! Catholic cops involved in cover-up of child abuse by priests
  • #DoneInByThePenisHouse Hillsong church drops controversial US preacher Mark Driscoll from conferences
  • #ButOfficer ‘Wicked’ Seventh-day Adventist jailed for inflicting two-year reign of terror on her niece
  • #WheresOliviaPopeWhenYouNeedHer Watching the Duggar daughters defend brother Josh was like another truly creepy religion
  • #PlainUpchuckery 5 Most Appalling “Christian” Defenses of Duggars
  • #IfItQuacksLikeADuck Warning over bogus ‘miracle cure’ sold by Genesis II Church
  • #DownForTheCount GOP’s Hastert: The Little Boy Version of Cosby; More People Come Forward
  • FiftyShadesOfHypocrisy Looking at Dennis Hastert’s Secret Gay ‘Misconduct’ in Light of His Terrible Voting Record on Gay Rights
  • #TailBetweenHisLegs Josh Duggar Moving Back to Arkansas, Hires Kate Gosselin’s Bodyguard
  • #LinkedInSin The Duggar PR Crisis Is Being Handled by Huckabee’s Political Adviser
  • #YeahWhy? Why Are Christian Conservatives Remaining Silent About the Dennis Hastert Affair?
  • #CouldaWouldaShoulda Under Arkansas law, if Josh had been forced to register as a sex offender, Jim Bob and Michelle would not have been allowed to homeschool their if he’d stayed in their home.
  • #WhenAbuseIsTheNorm “Like Duggar girls, I wasn’t aware I was being abused… I didn’t understand what was happening”
  • KnockKnockKnockinOnJimBobsDoor What goes around: Duggar Family Reportedly Under New Investigation By Arkansas Department Of Human Services
  • #EvenTheHomeschoolersShunYa Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar pull out of homeschool conference in light of new investigation Science Or Not
  • #DrJekyll Meet The Doctor Social Conservatives Depend On To Justify Anti-Transgender Hate
  • #EverHamheaded Creationist Ken Ham freaks out at Miley Cyrus topless photos: ‘The origin of clothing is in Genesis’
  • #RunningScared Republicans’ leading climate denier tells Pope Francis to butt out of climate debate
  • #StickItFrothy Angry US Republicans tell Pope Francis to ‘stick with his job and we’ll stick with ours’

Supremes And Lower Courts

Theocracy Rising