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K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.  You can read her earlier posts on The Political Carnival here and more about who she is on her own website here

The Weekly Upchuck May 30, 2015

Abortion, Contraception And Other Women’s Issues


  • #FirstAmendmentBlues Student trip to Glendive creationist museum canceled over legal concerns
  • #BigOops Creationist digs up 60 million year old fossil in basement — but still says Earth is 6,000 years old

Education – Or Not

End Times, Israel And John Hagee


Fifty Shades Of Lying Propaganda

  • #CallItAsItLies Marco Rubio: Pretty Soon ‘Christian Teaching’ On Gays Will Be Labeled ‘Hate Speech’
  • #JustOneMoreBrokenCommandment Ex-state trooper: Jim Bob Duggar lied and told me his son had molested only one girl
  • #NotIfTheyMolest Homeschooling Parents Could Have Their Children Taken Away If SCOTUS Legalizes Gay Marriage

If Media’s The Message

  • #IfTheFuShits Muslim Hating Psycho Pam Geller Has a Regular Home on Fox; Great Fit
  • #CauldronsAboilin’ ‘If God Is Judging Texas, It’s Because Of The Witchcraft And Sodomy
  • #S’WhatCruzThinks Christian Radio Host On Duggar Abuse Scandal: Incest On Same Level As Homosexuality
  • #PullsItFromHerArse Pamela Geller Accuses Fox’s Juan Williams Of Wanting To ‘Impose The Sharia’
  • #EquivalentNot Homeschooling Activist Defends Josh Duggar: ‘Abuse Is The New Racism’
  • #AllRiseAgainstTheLiberalBlackMan Sandy Rios: Obama Is ‘Working Against’ The American People ‘To Favor The Islamists’
  • #NewWord The Duggar Effect: The End of Hicksploitation TV
  • #FirstThereWasNugent Christian rappers promote Ted Cruz with awful song about Reagan and the ‘lamestream media’
  • #WhatAreFriendsFor? Duggars to return to friendly confines of Fox News to discuss son’s sexual molestation scandal

Politics Nation

  • #FamilyValuesGang Most GOP prez candidates had Pix taken with Josh Duggar
  • #Twaddle Ben Carson: ‘Don’t Let The Secular Progressives Drive God Out Of Our Lives’
  • #SuckUp2.0 Once again, Reince and the white boys partner with religious extremist David Lane
  • #CruzingAgainstTheNight Ted Cruz is tired of your big gay questions
  • #ItsAllAboutTheBase Marco Rubio: Legalized gay marriage is ‘a real and present danger’ to the survival of Christianity
  • #LordForbid Will Evangelicals Propel Another Bush to Victory in South Carolina?
  • #CommandmentsSchmamandments Rubio steals with his GOP credit card but tells 700 club about his ‘Deep Faith’
  • #PureFroth Ten Outrageous Ideas Rick, aka Frothy, Santorum Actually Believes
  • #WhippedOut Roman Catholic Rick Santorum said Satan got the mainline Protestants.
  • #WhoPutsTheFrothInFrothy? Meet Foster Friess, Rick Santorum’s Billionaire Sugar Daddy
  • #FrothyUpchuck 5 faith facts about Rick Santorum: Church-state separation makes him want to ‘throw up’



  • #MoreGotHard Bill Gothard, the founder of a chain of Christian “treatment” centers Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sent their eldest son to for molesting five girls — including his sisters — resigned in 2014 under a cloud of accusations that he had “sexually groomed” and harassed young women and teens in his ministry
  • #ProtectingThePerp Josh Duggar’s Police Record Destroyed Thursday
  • #IfOnly Fans express concern and support for Duggar daughters on Twitter: ‘Run away and be free!’
  • #Huckaphile Mike Huckabee says you’re a bad person if you enjoy watching the Duggars fall from grace
  • #OneOfTheirOwn The Family Research Council’s Strange Statement On Josh Duggar’s Child Molestation Confession
  • #SexEd Four Home-Schooled Brothers Plead Guilty In Rape, Assault Of Sister
  • #SongOfSolomon South African Pastor makes congregation strip, then he steps on them while preaching.
  • #TheirQuiversAreFull What Is Quiverfull? Here’s a look inside the Duggars’ dangerous Christian cult
  • #SameOldSameOld Tennessee pastor charged with stealing thousands from church
  • #ForTheLoveOfJesus Michigan Mom: Outed pastor told gay son he’s going to hell
  • #NoYouthfulIndiscretion Josh Duggar Didn’t Make a “Mistake,” He Committed a Crime
  • #DugIn Five F*cked-up Evangelical Christian Teachings Which Set JimBob & Michelle’s Family Up For the Josh Duggar Molestation Disaster
  • #NotExactlyNews Catholic church ‘buried head’ to abuse, says priest convicted of indecent assault
  • #19AndMolesting Duggar Family Justifies Their Sick Son’s Disgusting Behavior: This kind of thing happens “all the time,”
  • #DidUntoOthers Pastor caught having gay sex in van spent stolen church money on dating website
  • #BibleBilge Five Most Appalling “Christian” Defenses of Duggars
  • #AnotherDayAnotherSexuallyRepressedZealot Tea Party leader busted for collection of child pornography; Family Values guy
  • #RepressionTheyNameIsTheocrat The best way to understand extreme Christian fundamentalism is that it’s basically a sex cult.
  • #InTheNameOfValues Another Bombshell Rocks Republicans As Dennis Hastert Indictment Linked To Sexual Abuse
  • #AShondaForTheGoyim NY Orthodox rabbi ogles children in the shower
  • #ChristianHillcoxRidesAgain Prosperity scam: Destiny church cult raking it in this weekend

Sausage Makers And Their Sausage

  • #DuggarGate Arkansas Senator Wants Top Cop Fired For Releasing Duggar Report
  • #DuggarGateII “Any forgiveness in such a situation is a Band-Aid over a bullet wound.”
  • #ProtectorOfThePeace? Police say Conn. pastor’s shooting may be linked to his tolerance for gay community
  • #LookAwayChristers Not just the Duggars: Arkansas DHS keeps giving Christian conservatives a pass on child abuse #KlinkKlankKlunk Gordon Klingenschmitt says Ireland needs St. Patrick to drive out the demonic snakes b/c it voted for gay marriage

Science – - Or Not

  • #UntanglingTheMyths Atheists ‘have higher IQs’: Their intelligence ‘makes them more likely to dismiss religion as irrational and unscientific’
  • #ScopesRedux Antievolution lawsuit filed in West Virginia
  • #TheMissingLink West Virginia man claims daughter might never be a veterinarian if she learns evolution in school

Supremes And Lower Courts

  • #MooreTwaddle Roy Moore: Impeach Ruth Bader Ginsburg Over Gay Marriage Case
  • #JusticeSubverted Alabama Minister Fined And Sentenced To Probation After She Tries To Marry A Same-Sex Couple

Theocracy Alert:

  • #UnitedStatesOfChrist Republicans Call For Christianity As ‘Official Religion’ of US
  • #CrusadesARisin’ Colin Powell’s former Chief Of Staff, Larry Wilkerson, discusses the ‘Taliban’ in Our Midst

Too Bad