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K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.  You can read her earlier posts on The Political Carnival here and more about who she is on her own website here

Your Weekly Upchucks: The place where religion meets your rights

The Weekly Upchuck December 14, 2014

Abortion, Contraception And Women’s Rights


  • Hey Ham-For-Brains: Why does God need so much taxpayer help?
  • Walk The Plank Ham-Chuck: With Kentucky rescinding their tax break for the Noah’s Ark theme park due to discriminatory hiring practices, Ken Ham says he’s being persecuted
  • Lord Said To Kenny, There’s Gonna Be A Whole Lotta Upchuckin’ Goin’ On: Creation Museum’s New Ad Campaign Is A Giant Fail. Flashy ad campaigns are not going to change the Constitution.” Signed, Your ‘Intolerant Liberal Friends’
  • WILMA!!!! Fox segment on ‘ridiculous’ climate change devolves into talk of humans living with dinosaurs
  • Still Selling That Bridge To Nowhere? You Betcha: Kentucky’s about-face on tax breaks won’t sink Noah’s Ark project



  • Imagining De Upchuck: Teacher resigns after student’s story on Jesus and weed freaks out religious classmate
  • Do As We Upchuck, Not As We Do: Will Evangelical Right Cry ‘Persecution’ At Mormon Public School Prayer Case?
  • Dela-Where? Delaware school board official is attempting to erase all mentions of LGBT subjects from health books.
  • Things Go Vomit-y With Koch: Is the Koch Brothers’ Curriculum Coming to Your Child’s School?
  • Getting Church-y Out There: Parents rip mom who complained about school Bible handout: ‘You’re outnumbered here’
  • Cactal Spew: High School Coach Allegedly Kicked 3 Girls Off The Team After They Would Not Say A Mormon Prayer
  • Psst. Look Over There Whilst I Upchuck On The 1st Amendment: Stealth born-again John Kasich issues surprise religious requirement for school mentorship program

Fifty Shades of Hate

  • Joynin’ Racial Spew: Joyner: High Salaries For Black Athletes Are God’s Reparations For Slavery
  • Frankly Hurling: Franklin Graham: ‘Islam is a religion of war.
  • Exports Texas Style: The Spew Pipeline: Houston extremists working to defeat similar anti-discrimination measures in other cities.
  • His Upchuck Runneth Over: Baptist pastor on gay author he hasn’t met: ‘I pray that you will commit suicide.”
  • A Vile Stream: The Insane Hate Mail Collected by an Organization Fighting for Separation of Church and State in the Military
  • Boynking Puker: Jerry Boykin doesn’t know why his Jewish friends “act like I’m an idiot” when he calls Obama “anti-Semitic”
  • And Jesus Hurled: Do Right-Wing Christians Want People to be Destitute?

Fifty Shades Of Stark Raving Mad

If Media Is The Message

  • Tuck-A-Chuck: Tucker Carlson: Ban Satanic holiday displays because Christian nativities are ‘reality’
  • Upchuck Behind Every Door: Beck: ‘Family Guy’ Basically Re-crucified Jesus Christ
  • More Lifetime Upchuck: LIKE “THE BACHELOR,” BUT FOR JESUS:
  • Say. What. Chuck? : Megyn Kelly Wants Kids At Home To Know That Jesus And Santa Were White

Israel, End Times And John Hagee

  • The Consequence Of Spew: After the Anti-Defamation League slams Hagee for calling POB anti-Semitic, he tries a weak backtrack.
  • Unquestionably Queasy: No Question These Are the End Times; America’s Role as Superpower Will Diminish as New World Order Forms
  • So Speweth The Hagee Monster: POB “been trying to break” U.S.-Israel relations “for the past five years.”
  • Ma Nishtana Chuck? Israel Indicts Texan Over Plot to Bomb Muslims
  • The Upchuck Principle: Religious fundamentalists believe end times are upon us. It’s no wonder they’re so desperate to cling to power.
  • Running For The Toilet: Governor Pence Heading to Israel Courtesy Of CUFI

On Our/Their Dollar


  • Children’s Aid My Upchuck: An evangelical group that opposes condoms because they “promote promiscuity” is funded by US taxpayer money
  • The Upchucking Moneylenders? Because God shelters capitalists from greed? Netherlands Asks Bankers to Swear to God



Politics Nation

Same Sex Issues

  • Upchuckably Disturbed: Bryan Fischer & Peter LaBarbera are disturbed that leading evangelicals have determined that the Same Sex Marriage wars are lost.
  • Bell Ringing Barf: Why You Should Still Be Skeptical Of The (Still Bigoted) Salvation Army
  • Founding Fathers Spew In Their Graves: FRC Spokesperson Proposes Constitutional Amendment To Ban Recognition Of Gender Reassignment
  • He Vomits On His Wife With That Mouth? Texas Pastor: ‘Dirty Faggots’ Want To Snatch And Rape Your Kids
  • Say What Chuck? No, Christians Don’t Need an Olive Branch From LGBTQ Community
  • Razor-Backed Poop: Voters repeal civil rights ordinance in Fayetteville
  • ‘Ex’ My Bippy: ‘Ex-gay’ group puts up Virginia billboard claiming twin studies ‘prove’ that ‘nobody is born gay

Sausage Makers And Their Spew

  • Klink, Klank, Vomit: Newly Elected State Rep Klingenschmitt: Gay Couple Wanting To Marry Is ‘In A Hurry To Run Into Hell’
  • Overlapping Vomit: GOP Legislators File Several Overlapping Abortion Restrictions in South Carolina
  • Hoisted On Their Own Upchuck: Angered By Atheists: Fla. City Commissioners Walk Out During Secular Invocation
  • Big Hate: Two Mormons were very prominent in the drafting and implementation of the torture policies
  • Perry-lous Puke: Rick Perry: The Bible proves that poverty is inevitable-sweating his state’s sorry statistics on inequality
  • Bach To The Toilet: Michele Bachmann: God gave Moses the Ten Commandments so America would be rich
  • Little Bobby And His Bayou Barf: Bobby Jindal’s Prayer Rally Materials Blame Gays & Legal Abortion For Hurricane Katrina
  • Theocratic Bilge: Rep Lambourn (R-CO) introduces bill to “protect” Xmas
  • Gohmert’s Pile: Louie Gohmert heaps praise on Geert Wilders after he calls for “no more mosques” in US & Europe
  • Parting Is Such Sweet Barf: All she wants 4 Xmas is End Times: Bachmann tells Obama to bomb Iran at Christmas Party
  • Scotty And The Streamers: Walker Administration Breaks New Fundraising Ground With “Pay to Pray” Inaugural Event


Scandal - – Or Worse

  • Commandment Crackers: NC church members indicted for kidnapping, beating gay man to cure ‘homosexual demons’
  • Communicating Ka-Ka: Florida St. communications lecturer resigns after bemoaning ‘Northern fagoot elitism’ on Facebook
  • Apologetics Arseholes: Bob Jones University Apologizes for (Intentionally) Failing Sexual Abuse Victims
  • Who’d-A-Thunk-Chunk? Celibacy may be linked to sexual abuse, Catholic Church concedes
  • Not Long Enough Chough: Ex-Christian radio host gets 40 years for child sex crimes
  • Dry Heave: Bob Jones University Blames Abuse Victims
  • Silence Spews Volumes: The Christian Right is mighty silent about the explosive Bob Jones University sex abuse report.
  • Jesus Starves? Calgary police charge parents in religion-based malnutrition death of 14-month-old toddler


Supremes And Lower Courts

  • Lively Lurps: American Who Helped Craft Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill to Be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity
  • Lurching Toward SCROTUS: Faith firm racks up court wins
  • Because Jesus Upchucks: Religious-Righters Threaten to Sue Plano for Right to Discriminate

Theocracy Rising

  • It Can And Does Happen Here Chuck: Terrifying Law Turns Michigan Into A Theocracy — The Christian Right Is Coming For Your State Next
  • Orwell Heaves: The RW Myth: America Was Originally a Theocracy-Church/state separation is a modern invention created by liberals/atheists.
  • Frothy Foam: “The words ‘separation of church and state’ is not in the U.S. Constitution, but it was in the constitution of the former Soviet Union.
  • Little Bobby Barf: Bobby Jindal Invites You To ‘Turn Back To God’ And Attend His Prayer Rally ‘The Response’
  • For God And Upchuck: Beer, hot wings and Jesus? Alabama church plans Sunday service at Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Or Not, Chuck: Perkins: We’ll Win The Fight Against Gay Marriage Because ‘We’re On The Side Of The One Who Wrote History”
  • Gohmert’s Pile: Louie Gohmert brings anti-Mormon, anti-Jew, anti-LGBT pastor to pray to Jesus in U.S. House
  • The Stealth Invasion Of The Upchuckers: THE FAITH-BASED TAKEOVER OF FEDERAL PROGRAMS
  • Inquiring Upchuckers Want To Know: Are We Becoming a Theocracy? 4 Fundamentalist Ideologies That Threaten America
  • From The Pen Of Perhaps The Most Significant Recovered Upchucker: Many religious fundamentalists feel under siege by the secular world and harbor a deeply paranoid sense of victimhood
  • Gonna Be Sick: As Catholic groups buy up hospitals at an alarming rate, the ACLU Accuses Another One in Michigan of Compromising Patient Care
  • Had To Put This In The Theocracy Rising Category If You Get My Upchuck: Attendance jumps at clothing optional church