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K. C. Boyd, is the author of Being Christian - A Novel,: A black comedy guaranteed to take you on a wild and frightening ride deep into the dark side of the religious right. It is available on Amazon in multiple formats.

She is the go-to blogger for religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state.  You can read her earlier posts on The Political Carnival here and more about who she is on her own website here

Your Weekly Upchucks: The place where religion meets your rights

The Weekly Upchuck November 23, 2014

Abortion, Contraception and Women’s Issues

  • Today I Vomit, Yesterday I Puked, Tomorrow I Shall Upchuck: GOP-Controlled States Are Already Busy Preparing New Abortion Restrictions For 2015
  • The OCD Of Pukey-Puke: How America’s Obsession With Bad Birth Control Hurts and Even Kills Women
  • They Came, They Saw, They Upchucked: Missouri Poised to Re-Introduce Abortion Clinic Inspection Bill
  • But Many Remember Chuck: What Americans Have Forgotten About The Era Before Roe v. Wade
  • Back To The Future Of Hurl: The Ohio House Committee on Health and Aging passed a six-week abortion ban. That’s right, the so-called “heartbeat” bill is moving again.

Christian Nation

  • The Importance Of Frank-ly Upchucking: How My Dad and I Helped Create the Tea Party GOP and Terrorist Extremism
  • Hucking For Theocracy: Huckabee Hints at firing atheists working for the government
  • Rapture-Spew: Why Does the World Not End? The rapture is big business, so you know the hits will keep on coming.
  • Ring-A-Ding-Upchuck: Why You Shouldn’t Donate to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers
  • The Lone Star Puke: ‘Christians Have Infiltrated The Republican Party In Texas’ And Turned It Into A Revival
  • A Zeal For Chuckitude: Christian Zealots — ISIS in America
  • WTF-Chuck? Mississippi Group Seeks To Declare Christianity As State Religion
  • Freedom to Vomit All Over The Constitution? The Rise of State “Religious Freedom” Bills
  • Exclusively Upchucked By Bry-Bry: Bryan Fischer pulled no punches yesterday in calling for a candidate for president chosen by a summit composed of Religious Right leaders. “It’s kind of like picking a pope,” said Fischer.
  • Big Time Vomit: 17 Photos Take You Inside Museum of the Bible, Opening 2017



  • Created Upchuck: Creationists say theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss is like Hitler: ‘Very, very terrifying’
  • Or Not Chuck: Though not all of America’s Founding Fathers were Bible-believing Christians, this nation was nevertheless founded on biblical principles.
  • W-T-Fux-Chux???? ESPN Suspends Keith Law From Twitter For Defending Evolution
  • You Can Hear Their Brain Synapses Virtually Snap, Crackle, Pop, Upchuck: Ken Ham ‘s brain trust blames climate change on the fall of Adam and resulting Great Flood




End Times, Israel And John Hagee

  • Hagee’s Jowls A’Quiver While The Rest Of Us Hurl: As terror escalates, Israelis and Palestinians are racing to the abyss
  • And No One Cares Chuck: The Israeli messianic far-right has morphed from the negligible margins of society to the heart of Israeli politics
  • Intentional Upchuck: The rise of Messianic Jews in both the US and Israel raises questions about their alliance with Christian Zionists and the ultimate intentions of those with End Times on their minds.
  • Shelly’s Faustian Love Hurl: Zionists Of America (ZOA) to honor Cruz, Hagee – Sheldon Adelson to present Hagee w/Adelson award
  • Guns, Germs, War And Upchuck: We all know how this’ll work out: Recipe for disaster, as Israel allows more civilians to carry guns

Fifty Shades Of Hate

Fifty Shades Of Lies And Propaganda

  • Boy-Kin He Hurl: Jerry Boykin says Valerie Jarrett wants a nuclear Iran because she’s “Persian, she’s an Iranian”
  • Doody In His Mouth: Rafael Cruz: The Poor Man’s David Barton
  • Donny’s Dump: Jimmy Swaggart’s son: LGBT activists would behead Christians if they could

Fifty Shades Of Stark Raving Mad

  • Always The Pat-Chuck: Pat Robertson Cures A Neck Injury Via Text Message
  • Who Can Forget Chuck? I Did!! Egads! Remember When the Religious Right Attacked ‘The Little Mermaid’?

If Media’s The Message

  • Doo-Wa-Diddie-Pukin”: Bryan’s Lyin’: ‘Freedom of Religion’ in US is only a choice of which Christian church to join
  • Crazy-Big Tinfoil Kind Of Upchuck: Church Leaders Alarmed IRS Could Pose as Clergy to Access Privileged Information, Enforce Birth Control Mandate
  • Diggin’ On Dumpin’: Why more than 100,000 people have asked TLC to dump the Duggars
  • Batty-Patty, Pukey-Lukey: Pat Buchanan: America Becoming ‘The Third World Country Of Obama’s Dream’
  • Dug A Hole And At Least Half The Population Fell – Er Upchucked – In It; “Rather than being extreme, the Duggars represent the majority of people…
  • The Stuff Good Pukes Are Made Of: Bride of Christ revolts: Escape from Duggarville: How playing the good Christian housewife almost killed me


  • Tilted Toward Puke-ocracy: Religious advocates spar in House hearing.The hearing was heavily tilted toward the conservative activists…”
  • With One Side Puking Theocracy: Advocates paint differing pictures of the state of religion in the military
  • Tsunamis of Upchuck, Chuck: Pentagon’s Religious Guidance Spurred ‘Tsunami of Confusion’
  • Regarding the confusion over religious freedom in the military,
  • Oy-Yoy-Yoy My Chuckers: Weinstein told CP that he believed it was “intentional” and the product of a “fundamentalist Christian para-church military corporate congressional proselytizing complex.”
  • Gorillas Puke Too: Evangelical/Crusader military chaplains, the 800 pound gorilla that Dems are ignoring.
  • Walt’s Gestalt Of Upchuck: Ironic coming from an End Timer: End of the world’ possible if military restricts chaplains, Rep. Walter Jones\] says

Politics Nation

Religion Gone Bad

  • Might. Could. Hurl. Does Religion Cause More Harm than Good? Brits Say Yes. Here’s Why They May be Right
  • Diapers Full Of Vomit: Reza Aslan trashes biblical literalism: The gospels are absolutely replete with errors
  • To The Contrary, Pass The Barf Bag: Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
  • It’s About Dignity Chuck: Brittany Maynard ‘s mom blasts Vatican remarks
  • Huck-A-Chuck: “No religious test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Article VI, paragraph 3, of the Constitution of the United States: Now, examine the words of Mr. Mike Huckabee, Christian fundamentalist politician extraordinaire.
  • Smilin’ While Puking: Rick Warren, Russell Moore Warn Against Current Sexual Revolution, Defend Marriage at Vatican Conference With Pope Francis
  • Curiously Vomitous: Why Some on the Christian Right Loathe Lincoln
  • Who Really Wants To Take Over The World Chuckie? Did Anyone Say Christian Caliphate? Why has Pentecostalism grown so dramatically in Latin America?
  • No Upchuck Out Of The Mouths Of These Babes: Kids Don’t Lie: Poll: Children now describe someone who is religious as dangerous or threatening
  • And Jesus Hurled: Thanksgiving Message From “Christian” GOP to Hispanics “Go Home Border Ni—rs!”
  • When The Last Tree Dies Chuck: A big reason climate change isn’t a priority: The apocalypse


Same Sex Issues


Sausage Makers And Their Snausage

  • Cavortin’ With The Horton Puker: Look who’s Mike Huckabee’s scribe on European jaunt — Floyd Brown of Willie Horton fame.
  • Bah Humbug. The Science Of Puke: And so it begins: House Passes Bill To Stop EPA From Using Science To Craft Pollution Rules


  • All Good In God’s Service? I Think Not Chuck: How the Religious Right Scams Their Way Onto the NY Times Bestseller List
  • The Single Porny Priest Society: In Jesus’ Name: Catholic leaders in St. Paul hid evidence of priest’s child porn collection from police for 16 years
  • Poorly Upchucked Scam: Texas Sues Dallas Church For $277,279 Meant To Feed Poor
  • Holy Moly Chuck: Holy man’ jailed for 13 years for rape and abuse of girl
  • Treating Potatoes Better, Chuck: Idaho Christian faith healers — 12 kids have died since 2011, and nobody’s doing anything about it
  • Big Upchuck From The Left: HRC co-founder indicted for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old boy
  • Beanie Baby? More From The Left: Influential gay rights advocate and top Obama donor, Terry Bean, and alleged former boyfriend arrested for child rape
  • When Upchuck Destroys: Twin Cities archdiocese weighs bankruptcy, cites costs of sex abuse cases


Supremes And Lower Courts

  • Voiding In Their Pants: Michigan Tells Court That 300 Same-Sex Couples’ Marriages Are Void
  • Hie Them To Jail Chuck! Then There’s This. Priests for Life group to defy court’s birth control ruling
  • Ken The Blackwell Upchucketh: America’s elites — political, cultural, educational and legal — are using the courts to impose a social-sexual revolution on American society.
  • Um, What Chuck???? Catholic Church Says It Doesn’t Have To Show Up In Court After Fired Female Teacher Files Suit
  • Crimson Tide Of Puke: Alabama Judge Figured Out How To Dismantle Roe v. Wade-His writings fuel the biggest threat 2 abortion rights in a generation