Germany from Above - Spectacular Route from Lindau to Berchtesgaden (HD)


From Above German Castle

From YouTube:

In this episode we explore a route through Germany, taking in lakes, amazing castles, mountains, and towns. We hope you enjoy it, whether you plan to visit or just want to learn more about Germany!

The journey is from Lindau on Lake Constance, to Baden Baden, Ulm, Fussen, Bavarian Alps and fantasy castles, Oberammergau, Lake Chiemsee, and Berchtesgaden.

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  • Thanks for the comment, mrsgunka - we have not been posting much for a few weeks and that will probably continue but I will be posting travel pieces like this. I'm glad you like it!

  • mrsgunka

    Thank you for the birds eye view! Been to some the the castles. Much faster by air! A trip I will never forget. Will bookmark this to enjoy later also!