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Please welcome back regular guest contributor, author of Being Christian -- a racy novel that explores the dark underbelly of the right-wing Christian world -- and the go-to blogger on shocking religion news, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state (weekly upchucks), KC Boyd. You might remember her from her earlier posts.

You can link over to the official KC Boyd site here for the rest of this post. It’s well worth a look, because I left out a ton of great upchuckable stuff, including antidotes! These are but a few of her weekly "where religion meets your rights" collection:

Your Weekly Upchucks: The place where religion meets your rights

– by KC Boyd

 Abortion And Contraception


  • Race To The Bottom-Chuck: Louisiana Tea Party opposes common core math standards because they will turn students gay. And they’re serious.

Fifty Shades Of Hate

  • Equating Puke: Bryan Fischer declares that gays should be disqualified from serving in public office, just like rapists & pedophiles
  • Wiley Ricky-Dick Upchuck: Rick Wiles claims gay rights supporters, ISIS and Obama are working together to destroy America
  • Bry-The-Puke Pukes: Fischer: End Muslim Immigration Because ‘Islam Is Like The Ebola Virus’ Nice man. Intent on peace.

Fifty Shades Of Lies, Hypocrisy And Propaganda

  • Hooked On Heaving: Planned Parenthood Using Sex-Ed To Hook Kids On Abortion, ‘Akin To Tobacco Companies Providing Cigarettes To Kids’

Fifty Shades Of Loony

Fifty Shades Of Scammery

  • Lower Than Upchuck, Chuck: False prophet buys 4,000 bottles of ‘Holy Water’ to fight ebola

Israel, End Times And JohnHagee

  • End Times Lobby-Chuck: John Hagee hopes to one day “open a Washington office that has the ability on a daily basis to communicate with Congress members and Senators concerning the needs of Israel as we see it, and to become a daily influence on the policies of government as it relates to the State of” Israel.

Politics Nation

  • Raised In Upchuck: Sen. Ted Cruz will be joining vehemently anti-gay activists at a gala honoring his father Rafael next month in Texas

Religion Gone Bad

  • Just Sign No, Chuck: How Virginity Pledges Can End Up Hurting Kids
  • More Immoral Than Poop: Cincinnati’s Archdiocese disapproves of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as it doesn’t want fundraising to be sent to the association, which funds at least one study using embryonic stem cells
  • Um, Who’s Pro-Life Chuck? ‘Pro-Life’ Religious conservatives urge people to stop taking ‘ALS Challenge’ because it kills babies


Supremes And Lower Courts

  • We Of Little Faith Chuck: Roberts Court Could Act This Week on Marriage Equality Request
  • Damn. Them. Chuck.  Supreme Court Halts Gay Marriage In Virginia