BuyPartisan, literally!


BuyPartisan app logothere's an app for thatEver want to buy something at a supermarket but start having nagging second thoughts about which political party your favorite brand name supports? Guess no more, there's an app for that: BuyPartisan.

BuyPartisan app

Via iTunes:

BuyPartisan works like a nutritional label for your political values. Simply use your phone to scan a product's barcode, or just search by individual company or product, and you can quickly see the political contributions of each company's CEO, Board of Directors, political action committees and employees. Simply put, BuyPartisan empowers.

Here is an image of what you'd see if you checked out Coca Cola:

BuyPartisan app examples

Via the Los Angeles Times:

BuyPartisan, a free smartphone application developed by former Capitol Hill staffer Matthew Colbert, gives users the chance to learn more about the political leanings of the makers of supermarket items. [...]

The process is simple: Users scan a bar code using their phone's camera, and within seconds data are displayed on the screen. A red and blue bar breaks down the percentage of Republican and Democratic support the manufacturer and its employees provided, while a green bar signifies "other." [...]

Still in the testing phase, the app has some glitches that occasionally misread the bar code or match to the wrong company. An Android version is in the works.

So why is this becoming a "thing"? Simple:

"In light of Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby … people have become much more attuned to a company's deeper impact," Colbert said, referring to those companies' corporate support for conservative causes.

Before that whole Hobby Lobby mess happened, it was about who the Koch brothers controlled and/or supported. And way before that... well, the list goes on. I remember, as a tiny kid, my mom refusing to by Welch products because she said they were affiliated with the John Birch Society. Even at that young age, I recall feeling scared of the BoogeyMan Birchers. But I sure missed my grape jelly.

the more things change the more they stay same

Now not only can you can become better informed, but you can vote with your wallet.