Updating the Inanity in Ferguson, MO -- Live Feed, bit of a brawl.



Ferguson --- that name will be with us for some time. Will post reactions and updates following the show.

Today, Nixon's presser needed a Come to Jesus moment … think it got lost in digital transit.

The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon (relation of The Wichard?) scheduled a presser for 4 p.m. EST.


Governor Nixon is announcing a new Ferguson curfew -- 12 midnight to 0500 hours. As well as declaring it a state of emergency - more tanks and automatic long guns, the no-ethics gun fondlers ought to be nervous.

The aforementioned militarization of Missouri is more than mildly scarifyinwent over like a lead hot-air balloon. Things got a bit ugly before the wise, firm but compassionate Captain Ben Johnson.


Here's some background, from CNN.