Ferguson, MO Is at War with Itself



Oh Right Wingers, must yet be so tough out there for a pimped out Party of No. Insincere condolences.

Ferguson just had a slightly quieter 24 hours, after adjustment she came back with some 'defense'. FVX has their hysteria periscope cranked up to level eleven … quelle shocker. Mea culpa for a.m. Fvx Noise.

Proper force of strength must be taught better, and preferably not with homicides involved. We are seeing, in high relief, why we need a federal government.

police-brutality_o_2244271 Guess who is getting a manure wagon from from FVX Noise? 

dont-shoot The Reverend Al. Doer of good things since the MLK years, and a man you'd be proud to have our liberal, ethnically diverse and foe of religionist extremism. If you check the footage below on the Baghdad of Missouri, you'll see Reverend Al Sharpton get thrown right under the peace train … buckle up. Complimentary Orvis waders and antibiotics in the TPC Preparedness Lounge.

  • He has a point.I have been pulled over in MO more than the rest of my entire life. I drive an old car with good tires that fits a profile.If I have stuff in the back it's worse. anything outside of normal in MO gets eyed.If your grass is above the required inch cut off you get ticketed. Their quest for obedience and normality is relentless in MO.They have a rote education and a national 35th ranked educational system.I am not dealing with Philly cops here.They are different so different strategies are necessary.If you want to make a legal issue of getting stopped you can take it to the max using guerrilla law techniques.But be prepared to be hauled in,sat in a cell (to teach you a lesson)and time spent fuggin with the court system. You will win but the time spent is exhausting. I know how to do it, but it is so much easier for me to be nice and then the officer is nice.Dumping on him just vents my annoyance and escalates his frustration level. There was a time before MLK when you did have to humble yourself literally. You don't now so you can choose a strategy for dealing with constant harassment.And some days when its hot and you are sweating, you lose it.You can't be on your toes all the time and I suppose these boys get sick and tired of being treated as criminals.That is the way the system works.They are shaping you to be criminals. They want you to answer back.They bait you sometimes just to set you on that path.Resist but resist with wisdom.