Atheist Receives Death Threats from Loving 'Christians' for Pushing Plaque Honoring Freethought in Alabama


Condemned Death Atheism

  • bpollen

    It would appear that there is a strain of Kristianity that pays little attention to the Jesus the bible talks about. They worship a white Jesus (a non-Semitic Jesus) like a buff Ted Neely, bare-chested except for the bandoliers crossing it, and with automatic weapons in each had. And this Holy Rambo Jesus hates all the same things they hate. It's a Ted Neely-looking Holy Rambo À la carte Jesus.

  • pigboy

    Shouldn't the "Christians" be speaking in the original Pashtun? Or can the American Taliban speak it?

    It just kills me how violent their speech is and how they think they are justified in using it.

    Shades of "Tiller the baby killer".