"It's Arm the Rebels o'clock. Do you know where your Senator John McCain is?"


john mccain arm rebels

How many times have we been subjected to John McCain's myopic rants about arming the rebels in any given civil war or in any given area of conflict?

Rachel Maddow:

It's Arm the Rebels o'clock. Do you know where your Senator John McCain is?

Per McCain, it really doesn't matter much where or who they are, if they're rebels, just arm them. Especially if President Obama is taking a more measured approach. Grampy McDrumbeat is just itching to hand over lethal weapons of war to someone, anyone, because if fits into his whole Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb [insert country here] mentality: the more explosions the better. Especially if we aid and abet some of them. Blow 'em up! Kill [insert bad guys' name here]! What a blast! (Pun intended.)

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There's just one problem with that mania, Senator McDrumbeat. It can backfire.

Take Guatemala, for example. Via the Los Angeles Times:

Perez Molina said the violence and crime in Guatemala were a byproduct of the Cold War when the U.S. and the Soviet Union were funding opposite sides of civil wars in Central America to gain influence.

Perez Molina was a top intelligence officer in the Guatemalan military in the 1980s and ’90s.

Moral of the story: Don't listen to John McCain.

Real moral of the story: A more rational, measured approach is most often very wise and can save lives.

Other moral of the story: The road to more violence and crime is paved with shortsighted intentions.

Immoral of the story: Stop treating horribly abused child refugees like criminals.

In related news, there was an L.A. Times letter to the editor that is worth a share. I'd link to it, but I can't find it on the Times site, so I'm transcribing it verbatim:

Re: "Texas to send Guard troops to border," July 22

I hear echoes of Kent State University. What are the National Guard troops to do to these migrant children in Texas: shoot them?

Pat Mauer, Pasadena

What is it with Republican presidential hopefuls and violent troubleshooting? (Pun intended.)

  • Pffffft … we all rock. 😉 Caught the JFK golf club theft/Michigan bottle scheme seinfeld earlier … that Sue Ellen Mischke was in fine form. There was so much pinpointable early '90's Republican in her, braless or nay!!

  • Thanks to both of you for such great comments. And you da best, Bear!

  • Afraid I completely agree, RS - trigger happy Texans with Perry leading the charge … what could go wrong?

    Rockin' post, Laffy. Senator McDrumbeat is superb.

  • RepublicanSwine

    Wish McCain would retire and STFU! I use to defend McCain for years. But not now.

    Showmanship and grandstanding only part of Perry preening for 16. I think a violent incident is what Perry and the GOP are counting on with National Guard at the border. It only takes one spooked or overzealous soldier faced with desperate people to spark a violent stand-off or fatal shooting, etc. The GOP will turn the event into a National Incident and, of course, blame Obama. The loss of life of little consequence to these cynical, evil bastards as long as they can benefit politically. See Iraq War as example A.