Another CA city sues over voting rights law


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Voting rights, schmoting rights. Who needs 'em in this post-racial day and age? We've clearly evolved, says the Supreme Court. Says Republicans. Says anyone who doesn't want Democrats to have voting rights. After all, if you can't win on the merits of your arguments, on your policies (or lack thereof), your talent, or on your powers of persuasion, then hey, cheat.

It's the 'Murican way!

the american way

Unless, of course, you get called out. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the city of Bellflower, right here in my home state of California, is getting sued. Why? Voting rights are being violated... allegedly:

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and two law firms filed a Superior Court complaint Monday afternoon, on behalf of three minority Bellflower residents alleging the city is in violation of the California Voting Rights Act.

The act seeks to ensure that minorities have an opportunity to elect leaders of their choice.  The suit alleges that Bellflower's practice of electing council members citywide instead of by geographic districts has hindered Latino and African American candidates.

The plaintiffs said they have found patterns of racially polarized voting in the southeast Los Angeles County city of about 77,000. They want the city to switch to by-district elections to give voters in strongly minority neighborhoods an opportunity to elect at least one representative to the City Council.

What? Restricting the rights of not-white voters? In this day and age of GOP outreach? Don't be ridiculous...

It's not like Bellflower's population is 66% Latino and African American, but the council members are monochromatically pale. Come on.

Bellflower's population is 52% Latino and 14% African American, according to the city's website.  All five council members are white.


  • Thanks for clarifying!

  • Bellflower Mom

    There are many misstatements in the article; 1. The Mayor is Filipino not white and was the top vote getter in his election, 2. Bertha Valenzula never ran for office in Bellflower she lost a Downey School Board seat that had district voting, 3. As far as I know the only person to speak publically about districting is a white man who likes the odds better with districts, 4. Bellflower has elected Hispanics in the past, 5. When you only join service clubs and the Chamber of Commerce to run for office people notice and you only receive 600 votes, 6. Bellflower is a wonderful 6 square miles of fully integrated residents.

  • Huh?

  • Bellflower Mom

    The wife of Bellflower's Mayor Sonny Santa Innes was shocked to wake up Wednesday morning to find out she has been sleeping with a white man. Imagine that go to sleep thinking your Filipino and waking up white. Please don't believe everything you read.