Samson and De-Liar, Chris Christie Must Be Sweating Bullets



So we are now up to three major scandales in the Chris Christie saga of defeat.

The reporting here on Bridgegate, SandyGate here and the most recent jump into the muck - Pulaski Skyway-Port AuthorityGate is worth a catch up on, but it was summarized well by New Jersey expert and Up on MSNBC host, Steve Kornacki.

It looks like it is David Samson's turn to start talking. He is definitely back in the nooz, and knee deep in subpoenas and the lofty calibre o' attorneys New Jersey and New York usually reserve for advisor capacity on Law and Order.

Have a gander. The discussion also includes some time with New York Times reporter and Christie expert Kate Zernike and Georgetown Law Prof. Paul Butler.

Grin wide with us, you know you want to.

Poster art courtesy our friend Mel Neuhaus, @acehanna54

Poster art courtesy our friend Mel Neuhaus, @acehanna54  Click to enlarge.


Kornacki was on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss, as well as to deliver a mighty fine summary on Thursday night. The weekend gave him extra time to get facts.


When there are District Attorney's on hand brandishing the Martin Act that Eliot Spitzer famously used to hammer Wall Street, Trenton must be getting a very nervous gastric-bypassed stomach.

Shouldn't one listen to the kind of heavy-hitter advisers an organization as 1%er wealthy and obscenely powerful as the Port Authority hires to advise against fraud?


And such a shame, the timing … The Big Boy Christie had a 'successful' trip to New Hamshire on his "What?!? MOI???!?" Tour.  [Knew those Live Free or Die phuquers next door were up to something, we can feel their Idjit Antics here in Vermont.]

No listening for The Christie.  He simply bulldozes on, while a massive brick wall is being built under and around him - hope he has his Humpty Dumpty uniform at the cleaners.


Phone logs are now revealing Christie aide calls to the Port Authority with frequency and timing that bodes well for a Securities Fraud indictment.

This is when new-agey prayer comes in handy. Let's get Humpty Dumpty down off that wall of hubris, Trenton is about to Fall. And let there not be a 'buffer zone'.


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