Sen. Grassley's Staff Gets Nabbed In His Own Investigation


The SEC lawsuit alleges that the House staffer, Brian Sutter, spoke with a lobbyist -- identified by the Journal as Mark Hayes - - who happens to be a former aide to Grassley -- on the day of the leak.

Oopsy. Looks like Grassley not only found his leaker, the dude worked for him. Now Grassley may have to recuse himself from the hearings because he himself might be called as a witness, or even more concerning, as a part of the insider trading conspiracy scandal itself.


  • Bose

    Yeah, I got a kick out of that news, also.

    As a former quarter-century (oooh, now I feel old!) Iowan, I appreciated it that Grassley was more old-school Republican, generally not as extreme as the Iowa GOP platform ever since Pat Robertson's people started dominating the party in the 80s. In a different world now, including Rep. Steve King of eastern Iowa (he was such a joke in the statehouse, I was somewhat shocked when he won the congressional seat), Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz and Darrell Issa, it's no surprise that Grassley needs to feed the outrage machine from time to time.

    Such a shame that this one is coming around to bite him... (not!)