Scott Walker, We Liberals Didn't Love Ye Well. Ciao.



Great Scott.

The idiot parade of Republican gubernatorial RWNJ hijinks keeps getting more and more entertaining. Good thing we are at The Carnival. Check out Laffy's excellent early reporting on Walker's Fall from Gooberdom Grace.

John Dough Scott Walker has had one of the most infamous Republican runs in a governor's mansion in decades … you'll recall his greatest hits from Tea Party Asshat pressures this particular Wackadoo Decade, and he has only sprinted further and further away from sanity since the posse of Wisconsin state legislator Dems fled the State of Ick to make a point about Labor Unions. [Bravo then, and now, right?]

Republicans are doing what they do professionally these days, court Winger Conservatives. [Read Tea Party Loonacy.] Rick Perry of Texas has already equated homosexuality with alcoholism and had to Mea Culpa a Crawl back from that. Nexxxt: Scott Walker.

Up with Steve Kornacki featured a good roundtable on the promising developments on MSNBC.

He who survived a Recall election. But perhaps not as completely as he might have counted on. Hee hee.


By Friday, the New York Times was reporting that prosecutors in Walker Land have evidence in hand that the Guv'nah was knee deep in a political campaign spending scandale of juicy proportions.

The documents made public on Thursday threatened to cloud the political prospects of Mr. Walker, who is seeking election to a second term this fall and is mentioned as a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2016. They provided a rare view of the inner workings of a far-flung network of conservative nonprofit groups that have come to play a decisive role in national and state elections, secretly moving hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns by avoiding traditional political action committees, which typically face tougher disclosure requirements.


It's always best when there are documents that threaten to 'cloud the political prospects' of any Teabagger dreaming about 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Prosecutors say Mr. Walker and his aides violated Wisconsin donation limits and disclosure rules by supervising a blitz of political spending by other organizations that could accept unlimited secret donations, including money from corporations.

Allegations are being made by no less than five, FIVE county district attorneys in Wisconsin, focussing primarily on the piles of dirty dough dumped into Walker's 'recall' campaign. Liberals came tantalizingly close to kicking this self-absorbed Idjit of an excuse for a governor out of office -- but naturally the Big Money Goppers flooded the coffers for him.

Which may be the much-needed key.  O.J. finally went down for petty theft, after all. (Greed gets you in the end, egotistical power-tripping dudes.)

We liberals don't care how they go down, just that they get their just desserts ... and a one-way ticket out of politics. Happily, Sheldon Adelson has given Scotty some options.

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GO Wisconsin!