Hillary Clinton Aces CNN and Fox "News" - Morning Joe: Not So Fast


Whether you love or hate Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the term 'polarizing figure' may have had her iconic profile next to it in our collective political dictionary for over two decades … you have to cheer her as a non Neo-Con for trouncing the Asshat Nation at Fux Fantasy Central Fox News Channel.

Rather than inflict Fox video upon you, allow this disappointed Teabagger Tweet to inform you. To catch up on all the footage of the CNN and Fux interviews however, click this link to catch the handy summary video lineup over at Deadline.

The Benghazi culprit apprehension timing was so fortuitous it was of course a Conspiracy Thesis before actual tea-time yesterday. Everyone from Limpbaugh to eager Lipton Brigadiers tittered and finger-pointed and generally made even larger fools of their rabid Silly Season Selves.

As fellow Morning Schmoe addicts [shamleless one, here, still looking for that Twelve Step Program but in the meantime blogging about the idiots is sanity-saving, so thanks to m'cohorts out there] would have anticipated, Scarborough wasn't content to let HRC have a good ten minutes.

Scarborough even got on the 'suspicious timing' bandwagon, must have gotten a call from Bill Kristol with the talking points at 3:00 a.m. - and went on a rant about "how long it took to get the guy". [As opposed to BushCo's speedy successes.]


And Mika -- have ya' noticed (??) -- has a slight distaste for the former First Lady, Senator from New York and Secretary of State … whether it has anything or not to do with Papa Zbig not being in the Clinton White House; do feel free to speculate away with me. It's way too early and waaaay too obvious.

A couple shots about how 'poorly the book tour is going' were fired across the M.J. Bow before 6:02. P-pow. P-pow. By 6:03 Mika had made a sly reference to how HRC would have to answer to questions about Putin. Because Mika has already launched and begun tearing down her campaign.

Time for the good Orvis Waders, and Method™'s Antibacterial Troll Repellent, we're going in. First block.

The real action came when Nicole Wallace jumped on gleefully to offer her BushCo take on it all. Such a joy. [I need several size 7 1/2's lined up to hurl.] Happily Sam Stein was on for a voice of sanity.

Don't you just resign Mika to Madeleine Albright's Special Level of Hell at least twice a morning?!? Which is sad, she could be using that seat and platform for good. Not pseudo-modeling and mugging for the camera.

Nicole Wallace is no slouch at skewering HRC, either. She is headed for Peggy Noonan territory, that one. Just a tad of Clinton Derangement Syndrome lingering there.

Politics truly is a Carnival.