MSNBC's Thomas Roberts on Iraq: "How do you invade the willing?"



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Yes, you read that right, MSNBC's Way Too Early (and of late some disturbing pageant hosting fame) host and Morning Schmoe Scarborough and Mugging Mika regular, Thomas Roberts, was sarcastically thrown a "What is your next move in Iraq" question by King of the Asshats, Joe himself - and killed it.

Which proves a lot about liberal journalists. If you aren't familiar with him, Thomas Roberts is as openly gay as he is tall, dark, handsome and provenly erudite. He answered the sarcastic shot handily, then tossed it to David Ignatius of The Washington Post (he of yesterday's Meet the 'Press' Mitt Romney-thon Father's Day Roundtable, link here).

Mark Halperin, the smug 'Game Change' and 'Double Down' jerk, tried to Bogart the convo with his conservative drivel, but Thomas masterfully took it right back … "we cannot enter every conflict in the world any longer. We can't afford it, in blood, treasure or national will." {Paraphrasey.}

Roberts made the ultimate moral point. Who are we to invade the willing and lay our democratic will firmly on the "Iraqi" people like Neo-Con Papa G.W. Bush41 would have done in his sleep?

Thomas Roberts gets it - the appetite for war, Iraq or Iran invasions and flexing our Juiced Up musculature is no longer the will of most Americans … and the locals battling out their centuries-old issues in the Persian deserts simply don't need more of our boots on the ground.


Or to, as (Laffy's term) Grampy McBombBombs would prefer, finally get a shot at neighboring Iran through our little Persian proxy, Iraq. The Military Industrial Complex must be getting pretty hungry by now, and it needs some new prey to soothe that voracious rumbling tummy.

Scarborough lives to denigrate President Barack Obama for 'leading from behind', stated not just pithily, but with scorn and enough derision that I know I'm not the only one reaching for the nearest shoe to wing at the tee vee machine. [Happily our bedroom set is a behemoth Panasonic antique and can take a lot of size 7 1/2 hits.]


Discover your own inner liberal rage, here's the footage. Is it a wonder those of us on the East Coast don't require much actual caffeine when Joe and Mika and NeoCon Cohorts babbling about Iraq are in bed with you??!

And damned if Thomas Roberts didn't then get a fantastic Round Two punch in when former Ambassador and conservative defender Paul Bremer showed up at the set to declare we never tried to impose Democracy in Iraq. Roberts quickly queried, repeatedly because of a supposed audio glitch, the question "We took Saddam Hussein OUT, didn't we?"

Bremer visibly recoiled, got enraged, and spit out a typically insulting GOPper reply. Defended by Scarborough all the way, he scampered off the set with some lost indignity, trailing the mic pack behind him.

We have got to vote these BushCo Legacy asshats out of Congress, out of American politics, and apparently keep a firm eye cast on the really egotistical ones that took their slime to television.