Bigots: If You Tout The Bible, Live Up To It


fire breathing preacher

There's nothing quite like the person who expounds his belief in God then doesn't live up to His rules or teachings. Especially when they tend to be bigots, haters and fearmongers.

The Bible, as we know, is that book of stories and proverbs and is held out as the ONLY way evangelicals believe the world should be run. Okay, if that's your belief, our Constitution says you can have the belief -- but you can't have it any more than those who believe otherwise.

So for starters, let's get something straight. God did not write the bible.

That's right, God did not write the bible. Men wrote the bible -- and where these fables come from is quite a basis of conjecture. Google "who wrote the bible" and nowhere, not one source attributes the writing of this holy book to God Himself. Most sources agree with Biblica Encyclopedia:

Many people contributed to the writing of the Bible. Actually, the Bible is a collection of writings from about forty contributors, thirty in the Old Testament and ten in the New Testament. 

Okay, so perhaps God spoke to these mortals who did the writing and they took all of His words down verbatim. But if that's the case, why are there so many versions of the Good Book? And if God is the supreme force and ALWAYS RIGHT, why did he cause his writers to compose the New Testament? Is it to correct the mistakes He made in his first draft or is it to correct the mistakes of mortal men, his ghostwriters (pause) whom he had write his edicts and fables?


These books are traditionally assumed to have been written by Moses, though his authorship is not claimed internally. Since Deuteronomy records the death of Moses, it seems unlikely that he wrote it; certainly he didn't write the part that describes his death. Though some scholars would claim a composite authorship for these books starting around 950 BC with them reaching their final form during the time of Ezra around 500 BC...

So this was an ongoing process. God kept correcting himself or recalling new and more exciting stories -- over a thousand years. Did you ever play the game of 'Telephone'? One person whispers a story to another, that gets passed on to the next person and repeated over and over. Finally, the last person who hears the story has a totally different version of the tale than what was originally told.

That would explain a lot -- but it also casts doubt on those who judge others (isn't there something in the Bible about judging lest ye be judged?) who don't take the literal teachings of the bible as their "gospel."

If you want to see how ridiculous taking the bible literally can be, here's a short video with 14 "sins from the bible" that I bet most evangelicals break multiple times a week, let alone in a lifetime. See how many you've broken in the past 24 hours. My bet is you're damned and going to hell. I'll see you there and I'll have a double whiskey "neat" waiting for you!