Next (likely) House majority leader hearts fracking, "inspired" gov't. shutdown


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Who will be the new House majority leader? Well, a headline in the Los Angeles Times reads, "California's Kevin McCarthy a virtual lock for House majority leader." That is probably accurate, although many headlines also claimed that Eric Cantor would win his primary. But anyway...

The affable McCarthy, now the No. 3 Republican in the House, is by no means the top choice among tea party lawmakers who believe the current leadership is tied too closely to the party's establishment wing.

But wait... Texas Rep. Pete Sessions wants to be the next House majority leader, too. Oh noes!

Cat fight!

cat fight pew pew pew

But since "the affable" Kevin McCarthy "is supposedly all but assured of becoming the next House majority leader," it's an appropriate time to take a second look at the representative from Bakersfield, California. Via another article from the L.A. Times:

McCarthy rails against endangered species protections. He crusades against California's high-speed rail project. He helped inspire the budget brinkmanship that forced a partial shutdown of the federal government for 16 days last fall, closing national parks, delaying oil drilling permits and furloughing 850,000 workers. [...]

His signature issues include easing environmental rules that limit use of water by Central California farmers. He is also a close ally of the oil and gas industry, and pushes for policies that preserve its ability to conduct hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in California.

The likely next House majority leader doesn't sound very affable to me.

Hang on, here we go. This must be the affable part:

He is a prodigious fundraiser, widely praised by colleagues for helping their campaigns and for presiding as a kind of informal social director. He hosts movie nights, bike rides around Washington and other bonding opportunities for his caucus.

He also loves taking long walks on the beach, gazing at sunsets, engaging in deep conversation, holding hands, reading romance novels, and playing Mahjong. Oh but I kid the Kev.

Come to think of it, Rep. Social Director is beginning to sound a little like Julie McCoy (old "Love Boat" reference... very old... too old)...

love boat julie mccoy cruise director

This is the guy-- Rep. Frack You, Rep. Who Gives a Crap About the Environment, Rep. Government Shutdown-- who the tea party deems not conservative enough? You heard right, future House majority leader McCarthy, with all his right wingitude, is still not their cup of... you know.

And we think Washington gridlock is bad now? Just wait...