GOP Elects Transgender Woman In Primary -- What's Next?


Lauren ScottLauren Scott

Gender identification is a very complicated and confusing issue. It certainly has America, actually the world, trying to understand and be considerate of this identity. So it's with great admiration for a Nevada woman that I write this post.

She is Lauren Scott, who identifies herself as transgender. She's the executive director of Equality Nevada and this week she won 58 percent of the primary vote in the state Assembly's 30th District. Where I become confused isn't that she's transgender. It's that she's a registered Republican. Her victory has got to be considered a great achievement for the LGBT community, especially considering she is affiliated with the GOP.

Her win isn't as baffling to me as her party affiliation. Why would someone bucking the establishment -- face it, transgender is still disdained by many -- pick the party that would least welcome her?

Now maybe I'm wrong because they did give her the nod last Tuesday with their votes. But here's an interesting aside. Up until a year ago, she was a registered Democrat. Now she's going to be running against an incumbent Democrat whose party seems to be much more welcoming than Scott's newly chosen affiliation.

If she were to win, could you imagine her standing next to Republican Senator Dean Heller in a photo-op or visiting the Cliven Bundy Ranch?

Maybe this is the year, not only of the woman, but of the transgender woman. According to HuffPo:

If Scott wins in November, she could be the nation's first openly transgender state legislator, though another transgender woman, Dana Beyer, is running in Maryland's Democratic primary for a state Senate seat and so could also win that distinction.

Scott was as an active-duty member of the U.S. Air Force for nearly seven years.

So, this could be something quite amazing coming out (pardon the strange pun) of the upcoming November general elections. Good luck, ladies.

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  • TommyThor

    I'm going to have to agree with Doug. In order to be educated and enlightened on this subject you would have to go to some pretty seedy places. Isn't it ironic how many LGBTQ. Homo types don't believe in God? How convenient. I guess people who ban gays are bad people but banning I guy for speaking his mind is ok. I wonder how many people knew they voted for some dude with a mangina.

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    It's time to live in the real world, GG. 'God' is a fantasy and the only body you have any say about is your own. Your 'rights' stop where someone else's body begins.

  • GG

    Well if you don't believe in something,you'll fall for anything,and yeah,probably in a lake,lake of fire.
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  • Doug Bristow

    God made all of us in His image and His likeness. HE is not a transsexual or anything else that identifies the LGBTQ community. These things come from the lies of Satan to destroy the lives of those whom God loves which is ALL of humanity.

  • The answer can be found in you opening your mind and entering the century. Religion has nothing to do with this, and they don't need your sorrow. And you clearly have no empathy.

    But thank you for your civility.

  • Doug Bristow

    I have sorrow and empathy for those who think they are born in the wrong body. The answer to this can be found in scripture and Christ Jesus.

  • Sadly, you have very little understanding about this. Educate yourself. Enlightenment and knowledge are wonderful things.

  • Doug Bristow

    Surgery and hormones do not a woman make. He was born a male and will be a male until the day he dies.

  • I took care of that for David, Kathy. Thank you guys for drawing my attention to it. David is in and out and may not have seen your comments.

  • Kathy Verbiest Baldock

    Lauren is a woman and a friend. Get the ridiculous " " off woman -- it is disrespectful.

  • Dean Austin

    This article makes very good points. Putting the word woman in scare quotes was completely uncalled for and a bit transphobic, however.

  • Keep in mind: Pat Robertson doesn't mind Transgendered people, so could be that

  • mellowjohn

    why are there still log cabin republicans? beat the hell out of me.