Scarborough Punts but @GottaLaff Cantored In Before The NYT!



I can only fantasize about how many other liberal Morning Joe addicts wanted to reach into the belly of the tee vee and stick Schmoe Starbucks with a hat pin. (And wing Mika with the kind of Dorothy Parker elbow you'd normally reserve for Peggy Noonan. I can only assume she's got Stoly in her sippy cup or mainlined some Xanax this morning.)

Nothing to see here … move along … "Let's not overreact", Stay Calm and Deny that your GOP is going down the proverbial drain.

Don't oversimplify?? All you DO is over-simplify, target, generalize, demean, and defend your flaming idiocy, Schmoe. Gaah.

For gawd's sake this show is pre-scripted beyond House of Cards. That's why Mika's been trying to seduce the camera guy for the past six years. Or be coy to distract us from Partner Asshat.

The un-average Joe had the hubris to take Tweeters on in real time, the Cheetoh-eating sea of #UniteBlue 'fanatical fringe' he enraged under a month ago, then followed up with the meltdown that David Garber hilariously framed for us.

So the sportscasters are asleep at the wheel and the biggest political play in decades shook the rest of the news world last night around 8:05 p.m. Vermont time …

Which I know, because our own Laffy broke the Cantor Earthquake Breaking News before the Gray Lady, friends and fans!

Which to be frank, was an exhilarating experience to have been virtually no part of. I cheered her on as a gal pal and was part of her Twitter base. Beaming.

I was literally off eating a delicious hard-boiled egg sandwich the saintly husband had made me when I caught a breaking news banner that had to come from a hacker at Onion. "ERIC CANTOR LOSES >>>>>>PRIMARY>>>" … but the marvey Chris Hayes is mid-segment with the rest of the planet and MSNBC actually waits to have a source before they stamp a report.

Lunging for the iPhone in disbelief, I'm irrationally afraid @GottaLaff might be out buying Mr. Laffy some shoe laces and we need to get this story raced through the digital dashboard in five minutes or less. I got skills, thanks to the Lucian of my home base, BorderOrder, but they're rusty.

But deep down I KNEW she had it. Sure enough, back at the laptop I tab over to the Carnival and sister had an early breaker - no time to email back, she was publishing. And damn if she wasn't confirming right along with Maddow.

This is why we blog people, for moments like these when we all come together as a powerful flock.

Kudos Lady Laffy. You started the day with an epic Nicole Sandler Radio or Not segment on the gun-fondlers and announced the Oregon shooting story here and there virtually simultaneously. Then during an already Cohen Brothers movie of a news day, your fleet fingers beat the old Gray Lady.

@GottaLaff can canter. [Can you kick that idiot Scarborough in the ass from Cali?! I won't make you watch him Live. Promise. ]

Update: Chuck Todd saved the day regarding the Cantor media fun at the top of the hour at nine, then had Dave Brat himself on for an Exclusive. THAT was good.