What Do You Get When You Mix a Psychiatrist, Fox News & A H.S. Shooting


High School Shooting

Sounds like a set-up for a joke, doesn't it? Sadly, this is true.

Fox news must have their resident psychos on call. I know that major newspapers write obituaries before celebrities pass so they can go to press immediately upon hearing the tragic news.

Now there's been another school shooting, this time in Oregon. A student killed. A school coach wounded. The shooter dead (self-inflicted gunshot).

So who does Fox News call upon? Resident psychiatrist and Medical A-Team member Dr. Keith Ablow.

It didn't take 15 minutes before Fox already had the gun-promoting, NRA sponsored psychiatrist come on the air and fire a warning salvo that this shooting is going to motivate anti-gun nuts" (his professional phrase, not mine) to come out in droves and demand gun control.

How many killings is it going to take for these NRA crackpots to finally get the message they, or their families, could be next if unbridled gun ownership continues?

This man is supposed to be a psychological expert. I think Fox News got the psycho part right. Check it out:

  • bpollen

    Ablow is proof that Rent-a-Quack is a viable business model.

    Yes, mental health is an issue. But lack of affordable healthcare has always been an issue and then you add in the fact that hospitals would much rather have beds for heart patients (most lucrative to the hospital) than mental health beds. Ablow is well aware of this situation when he claims that the solution is mental health. I'm 100% in favor of improving the ability for people to receive mental healthcare, but there is absolutely no Headshrinker Fairy to wave a magic wand and fix the problem. While we are looking for that wand wielder, howsabout maybe doing background checks to limit the ability of the unstable to acquire and stockpile weapons and ammo?

  • Earl Blumenauer tweeted out a comment, indicating the need to address this, and yet, the comments were a landslide against him politicizing this event, yattayatta... I'm so sick of this. This one was in my backyard. Just wait, if it hasn't been in your backyard yet, it will be. The gun nuts' argument is that we must address the mental illness aspect, but these are CHILDREN; mental illness is tragically slow in being defined and diagnosed in those so young.