Are Wayne LaPierre And The NRA Responsible For One Of The Las Vegas Killings?


Las Vegas

A tragic, mindless random shooting took place this past weekend in Las Vegas by two very disturbed rightwing nuts, Jerad Miller and his wife, Amanda,. These two fringe "sovereign citizen" types, fond of the 2nd Amendment in the loosest of interpretations, walked into a restaurant, point blank killed two Las Vegas Metropolitican cops who were just eating lunch, then continued on their crazy spree across the street. Their destination? Walmart. Of course Walmart. Where else do you go when you want to show you're just part of the normal world? While they were stocking up on free weapons and munitions, they had fired warning shots into the ceiling and yelled for everyone in the store to get out. I guess these two had a compassionate streak in them after all.

According to NBC News:

“They just said, ‘The revolution’s begun,’ they said that they shot some officers, and basically get out of the store if you don’t want to get hurt,” said Tyrone Ellis, who works at the store.

Now here's where the NRA comes in. Over and over again spokesperson and NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre has expounded his organizations mantra after random mass shootings like Columbine, and Sandy Hook, and even the recent Isla Vista massacres. Mindless as it is: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." 

Would someone please explain that to the family of the third victim of this Las Vegas madness, Joseph Wilcox.

A shopper, Joseph Robert Wilcox [good guy], 31, of Las Vegas had a concealed weapon and decided to confront Jerad Miller, police said. As he walked toward the suspect [bad guy], Amanda Miller [another bad guy] came up behind him and shot him several times in the ribs, police said.

Wilcox is dead. He listened to the insipid ramblings of the NRA's LaPierre and now he's deceased. He is now a dead good guy with a gun. All because he actually believed the NRA's claptrap defense of their truly indefensible stand. His death was most likely avoidable. But instead of following directions, he took the NRA for their word. And now he's gone. I wonder if Wayne LaPierre will be speaking as Wilcox's memorial.

This tragedy points out once again, just like time and time before, that gun control is something that needs to be addressed. And it also points out that carrying a gun doesn't make you any safer than not being armed. All of those people who escaped uninjured from the Walmart can attest to that.

We need fewer pistol-packing heroes and more gun sanity and regulations. Sorry NRA. But the 2nd Amendment was never intended to give everyone the ability to pack heat just to make us feel "manly." It was to allow us to defend ourselves as part of a well regulated militia.

Also recently, about a week ago, there was the random Seattle Pacific University shooting where the assailant had killed three people. But because he didn't have a larger clip, he had to stop to reload. Here's how that worked out, according to Truth About Guns:

The gunman walked into the Otto Miller Building just after 3 p.m. and shot three people, said Capt. Chris Fowler with Seattle police. The gunman then began reloading when a student building monitor pepper-sprayed the shooter.

“The shooter began to reload his shotgun and the student building monitor inside the hall confronted the shooter and was able to subdue the individual,” Fowler said. “Once on the ground, other students jumped on top of them and they were able to pin the shooter to the ground until police arrived.”

Regulation, not good guys with guns saved lives. Let's have background checks. Let's have limited ammo clips. Let's stop avoiding the issues. Gun control can be done if the cowards in Congress will grow a backbone. It's been achieved in the past. Let's hope it's done again soon, before so many more must needlessly die to appease the wishes of the few over the hopes and prayers of the many.

  • You get 1000000 points for thinking I'm that young. 'Nighty night.

  • chrismalllory

    Or it could be argued that he disrupted the nutcases' plans to the point that they committed suicide earlier than they had planned.

  • Frommer Bishkva

    Get some sleep. This is a complex issue that I've grappled with since the late '80s, when Florida decided to issue concealed carry permits to anyone who could pass a background check. At the time -- you may not have been born -- I and many conservatives warned against a gunfight at every fender bender. Never happened. Since a bit before the Florida legislation we went from one state (Vermont) allowing concealed carry to 47 states. Gun murders have been reduced by half since then. You can google all the stats. The crazy predictions never happened. Amazingly, people can be trusted. The poor guy in L.V. was snookered during a deadly, serious engagement. It rarely happens that way, but that terrible result was well within probability.

  • Thank you for your civility, much appreciated. I just disagree that more guns are the answer. That, too, has stats behind it, but being on no sleep, I'm wayyy too tired to provide a link. Maybe next time.

  • Frommer Bishkva

    I follow this stuff. Many anti-gun posters suggested he didn't do the right thing. Even some pro-gunners have criticized his tactics.

    A recent study/report showed that murders of police officers are up 50+% this year. It's not a very big number, so the totals probably don't meet statistical scrutiny. But it does show that even well-trained individuals (who, btw, many if not most concealed carry holders are) can sometimes encounter some bad luck. It's life.

    Read the story on how he met his end. He hadn't considered the woman...the "evil woman" with a gun.

    I think, Gotta, if you look at gov't stats you'll find that "good guys with guns" (including many women) usually prevail, usually without shots being fired. I can provide some if you like.

  • Did someone say he didn't try to do the right thing? The point, I believe, is that a "good guy with a gun" couldn't stop the bad guy with a gun. Drop that load in your pants.

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  • Frommer Bishkva

    The young man did the right thing. He tried to prevent more bloodshed. He died in the process, just like many people -- cops, civilians, soldiers, etc. -- do. I'd love to see the load you'd drop in your pants if you were ever in a similar situation, unarmed, a sitting duck. RIP Joe Wilcox.

  • More total bullcrap from Liberals who lie and make stuff up to try and provide why their belief is correct. Liberal's never let the truth stand between and a good story.

  • Oh how I love the comments our gun posts provoke.

  • Arch Stanton

    The guy in Seattle was using a shotgun.....notoriously slow to reload and bring back into action. If there had been a second accomplice, the guy with the pepper spray may not have done so well. And you can not negate or affirm good guys stopping bad guys with a single data point. True, descretion is the better part of valor. How many soldiers have been saved by another throwing himself on top of a grenade? Oh....the RIGHT of the People has always been a personal and individual right, predating the Constitution and CONFIRMED by the Supreme Court. If you want to change that, campaign for another amendment or a Constitutional Convention. The RKBA is the ONLY right that is not to be infringed, yet it is the ONLY right that is always infringed upon.

  • Alpha male

    Wilcox did the right thing, his "tactics" were poor but his heart was in the right place.

  • Concurring with R.S. 😮 up there. Was a long gun in Oregon, also too.
    I'm running out of prime cuss words.

  • David G

    Muchas gracias

  • RepublicanSwine

    Excellent post Dave.