BREAKING: "It's over... Rep. Eric Cantor (R), has lost his primary"


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Say good night, Eric Cantor.

Good night, Eric Cantor:

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UPDATE: Both AP and Rachel Maddow are confirming. No, this is not satire. Steve Kornacki: "This is the biggest upset I've ever seen in my life.... This is something nobody, I mean NOBODY, saw coming."

  • Nicko Thime

    Lie down with dogs and you get fleas. I'm no tea party fan, but I never once looked at Eric Cantor without my skin crawling.
    Couldn't happen to a slimier pice of slime.

  • There was an article I flew by the other day, calling for Dems to vote for Brat, the Tea Party candidate...apparently, the strategy worked 🙂

    Let's get this partay star r r r ted...!!

  • I confirmed it ... refresh. I wouldn't have posted had I not been sure.

  • pigboy

    "In a stunning upset propelled by tea party activists, House Majority
    Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was defeated in Tuesday’s congressional
    primary, with insurgent David Brat delivering an unpredicted and
    devastating loss to the second most powerful Republican in the House who
    has widely been touted as a future speaker.

    The race called shortly after 8 p.m. Eastern by the Associated Press."

  • Nice job Laffy - this is utter Get Out ==> politics. The table just tilted.

  • I'll wait until all the votes are in... but I'll bet this one is in the can. Next: McConnell. Somebody send John Boehner some scotch... his days are numbered as Speaker.

  • Frances R

    Wah wah whoopee! Good riddance to bad rubbish!