Rand Paul, what if a Dem joked about trading YOU "instead of 5 Taliban"? Hmm?


not funny hahaha no

This tweet is already a couple of days old, but calling out Rand Paul for his tone deaf idiocy never gets old:

rand paul tweet Bergdahl trade Dems

He got a lot of Twitter backlash, but check out the very first reply he received:

"Isn't that redundant? and how would you tell the difference?"

Two class acts.

What patriots.

What jokesters.

What the f***.

The real joke is Rand Paul, a very, very bad one.

So let's get this straight. According to Paul and his fanboy @varifrank, the words Democrats and Taliban are interchangeable and/or President Obama should have handed over Dems to the Taliban. To be imprisoned. And tortured. And possibly killed. Isn't that a knee-slapper? Are we laughing yet?

No. We are not.

Some "jokes" are not funny, Rand Paul. And that you would make light of a very serious situation, that you would imply that Democrats' lives are worthless, that you would equate them with deadly enemies is pretty appalling.

He's your guy, GOP. This is the lowlife many in your party would like to see as commander in chief, residing in the White House, attending state dinners, handling delicate negotiations with other world leaders, and as the president who is responsible for the health and welfare of all Americans.

Go ahead, Republicans. Make Rand Paul your nominee. We dare you.

  • Does the junior idiot even know that Bergdahl's parents were/are GOP Ron Paulites? To the point that they suspected the administration might be not giving them their full attention because they are registered Republicans. Not hearing that on Fvx. Happily libs are on it. Super post Laffy.

  • Sally

    Don't you love when some RWer says that Obama has caused the divisiveness we see? No one is more divisive and hateful than this GOP, with Paul leading the charge. Indeed, we elect a President for ALL the people, not just the rich white male ones. Hopefully, some of the bladed GOP sisters will see the light this November and in 2016. That party has nothing for you, nothing for minorities, nothing for workers, nothing for women, or kids, or the elderly, or anyone not a white male millionaire like themselves. We need to get the message out loud and clear.

  • edmeyer_able

    Not surprising coming from a party that puts cross hairs on their political opponents.