Paul Ryan ducks protesters at Wisconsin fundraiser


Paul Ryan ugh this guy

When Rep. Paul Ryan arrived at a fundraiser for 21st Congressional District candidate Elise M. Stefanik the other day, he was met by protesters. Maybe that's because his Kill Medicare budget was another ill-considered attempt at forcing austerity on the rest of us. Austerity has not worked. See: Fail, GOP.

Budget cuts have made a speedy economic recovery impossible. In fact, budget cuts have created a nation of poorer poor, hungrier hungry, and sicker sick. And don't get me started on what's happened to our public schools, something I know about first hand after working in them for well over a decade.

So here's what happened when Paul Ryan got to the campaign event, according to the Waterstown Daily Times:

Protesters marching on Washington Street and asking motorists to honk their horns claim the budget proposal cuts too many public benefits, including Medicare and Social Security.

Stefanik was was his director of debate prep during the 2012 elections. Maybe she should have taught Paul Ryan how to debate with himself about attending a fundraiser for his former coach. And how to face protesters who deserve to be acknowledged. Instead, the coward did decide to show up, where, per the Waterstown Daily Times video, this happened:

paul ryan ducks press at Wisconsin fundraiser

There you go, GOP, he's all yours, the guy who ducks the press and voters who disagree with him. A born leader.

Paul Ryan cowardly lion

  • Ding!

  • Bradley Forward

    Learned from his hero Scotty Walker who took the tunnel under the Capitol when we were protesting in Madison. Both cowards. But what republican isn't a coward?

  • RepublicanSwine

    Feel Free ..

  • Nicko Thime

    I've never heard that before.
    I like it. Consider it borrowed or stolen.

  • Nicko Thime

    In 2012, the year Ryan ran for VP, his vaunted budget, the Ayn Rand/ screw you budget, did not contain the word Veteran.
    It is all I have to know about this hypocritical leech.

  • RepublicanSwine

    What a tool. Ryan your ultimate GOP poser. I'll never forget his first budget proposal. A 50+ page "budget" with NO NUMBERS and plenty of GOP Slogans. Of course the MSM declared Ryan the "intellectual" heavy-weight of the GOP.
    If by Heavy-Weight they mean't Lead between his ears they were spot-on. Otherwise, he's just another GOP Pimp pushing re-treaded Trickle-Down Scamonomics and licking every Camera Lens he postures for.

  • Ryan and his ilk are the perfect examples of how politicians only need people to get elected, and after that, what as little to do with them as possible, unless they completely agree with them.