Annnd, now … Republican Life Begins At Coitus.



Written by guest contributor, "hardybear" of the wonderful Free Range Talk site:

Again. Wish we were kidding. Katie McDonough over at Salon has the sorry tale of the local loons in North Dakota who will next want to make flirting grounds for a POP GOP Trans-Vaginal Sound. Hang onto your knickers, sisters.  Pro Life may stop at the business end of the womb, but the GOP will regulate every instant before that baby draws a breath and has a need. Pick-Favorite-Republican

  Anti-choice pseudoscience hits a new low: North Dakota argues that viability begins at conception North Dakota is developing a legal strategy to strike at the very heart of Roe v. Wade. It's a terrifying prospect. In its defense of the ban, state attorneys submitted an affidavit from Dr. Jerry M. Obritsch, an OB-GYN based out of Bismark who believes that because embryos can survive in a test tube for a few days as part of the process of in vitro fertilization that “an unborn child is viable … from the time of conception.”

#Whiplash. Tweeted the Sci Fi Salon link immediately - wouldn't you?  To give the like-minded Oklahoma Regressives their due, it's not been long since they tried to make abortion illegal if a fetal heartbeat could be sensed detected ~ they are frothing at the mouth … and willing to go as low as they can lim-bo.


Cartoon, Rob Rogers

And this was easily personal fave for a quick comeback on just how far the GOP has crawled down our unmentionables - never mind had at our bits:

This lady had it so right it was a Huzzah(!) moment! If I had had the guts in my D.C. days, that placard would have gone for a walk or two.

Of course, the next step WAS inevitable … Bravo to the Twitter comic, and you have to wonder if it's Georgia or Utah?

Strategy: Vote the sexist asshats out in November!!