9/11 sideshow: “They’re selling bracelets; they’re making money off my dead son."


9-11 sideshow gift shop items stuffed dog via Gizmodo

"This kind of sacred ground. This is not a moneymaker."

Come and getcher Ground Zero tee shirts! Right here! Getcher 9/11 doggie vests! Yer toy trucks! Yer hoodies! Step right up, ladies and gents! Twenty-four bucks gets you into the 9/11 Museum! Fork out another twenty-two bucks and you getcherself yer choice of a FDNY, NYPD, or Port Authority Police tee-shirts. Hey little girl, how'dja like yer very own stuffed 9/11 rescue dog? Just ask yer folks for a few smackeroos and it's all yours! Right here atcher Ground Zero sideshow, er, souvenir shop!

Or as the New York Post put it in a Sunday story,  the “little shop of horror":

9-11 sideshow gift shop items NY Post little shop of horror

And as Gizmodo put it, The Tasteless Crap That Fills the 9/11 Museum Gift Shop.


9-11 sideshow gift shop itemsVia


Mugs, T-shirts, scarves and other souvenirs have triggered controversy at the National September 11 Memorial Museum, which holds unidentified remains of some of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks — as well as a gift shop. [...]

Some of the items for sale in the gift shop are clearly intended to tap into the sense of solidarity that emerged in New York following the attacks, like the plain black T-shirts with the tagline “honor, remember, reunite.” But others, like a black hoodie with the twin towers emblazoned on the front, seem more of a vivid and painful reminder of what was lost. And some pieces of New York City Fire Department memorabilia — including a doggie vest and toy truck — seem kitschy or trivial. [...]

Kurt and Diane Horning were founders of the WTC Families for Proper Burial, which sued New York City for the right to bury remains that were in the material and debris from the World Trade Center site; from the beginning, they and other 9/11 families objected to the remains being used as a “programmatic element” at a tourist attraction... “They’re using it basically like a Ringling Brothers sideshow attraction,” Horning said Monday. "We were dismayed about that."

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    This is no more disgusting than republicans raising money and campaigning off American diplomats killed abroad. Both are shameful and exploitative.

  • sevenish

    The merchandise may be somewhat tasteless, yes, as is quite a lot of what goes on with all of these maudlin displays & ceremonies. I think anyone who lives in and around touristic areas can agree that most memorabilia is crass and caricature.

    HOWEVER: people who don't live here should have NO SAY in how our neighborhood can and cannot be used. I was at WTC on Sept 11, and I still live a few blocks away. Several members of my consulting team were lost that day.

    I have infinite empathy for the families left behind, but that doesn't mean I will let them turn my neighborhood into a damned necropolis. My father died in a nice little town in Colorado; should they let me come in and tell them how they can and cannot run that area of their town?

    At some point in 2002 some group of families from Pennsylvania who lost loved ones in the attacks were complaining about wine stores, hardware stores and drug stores in the area being inappropriate. Inappropriate. They live in Pennsylvania. I live here. I'm sorry for their loss, but we are still living, breathing families here who need hardware. And wine. And toothbrushes and toothpaste. And a whole lot of other stuff that they might find undignified to sell near a memorial site.

    And yes, the memorial has to sustain itself financially. That means they have to sell stuff. Unless the people who feel they should have some say as to how the memorial and the surrounding area is run want to support it financially, they need to stop expecting to have a say in how the whole neighborhood is run.

  • I have mixed feelings on this one. The articles all tended to condemn it. I feel it does cheapen the moment some, but I also understand how other memorials charge for the same things.

  • judi

    Oh give me a damn break!!!!! The money is used to sustain the museum.
    People pay to get into other memorial places too.....Pearl Harbor for one. And there are also gift shops.
    Stop the freaking insanity!!!!