Operation: American Spring: Tens of Protesters Showed Up to Take Obama Out of Office (Images)


American Spring

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  • DC Madman

    Those pictures make me want to dig through all the all the junk in the garage. I could find all my old military stuff and... throw it away.

  • pigboy

    Damn it! I knew there was something I forgot to do today! Take over the White House. Well maybe next weekend if I'm not mowing the yard.
    I mean why not put the nations well being in the hands of someone like jOe?
    He's a smart one and like most rEpublicans you can show them video after video, showing nobody showed up and they will site the very same videos as proof they were right.
    I just love the joes of the world, fighting hard to tear down the government and replace it with some nutcase milita.

  • Actually, "Joe," we don't allow that kind of comment at our site. You clearly failed to read our guidelines. So who's the idiot again?

  • joe

    Wow you're an idiot!