We'll get more of this if Republicans win in November


victory is theirs Republicans win

Here's a quickie from Taegan that might cause a Progressives reading this post to wince, cry, and/or scream. It's not general election time, it's midterm election time, which does not always bode well for those of us on the left. The last headline we'd want to see would be, "Republicans win."

Unfortunately, some polls indicate that Republicans could gain more seats in the House and the Senate:

Another Poll Gives GOP Edge in Generic Ballot:

A new CNN/ORC International poll finds Republicans lead the generic congressional ballot among registered voters by 46% to 45%.

Key word: "Another." More than one. Gulp.

In this particular poll, it's a virtual tie, but you know what? It shouldn't even be close.

Here's another one to chew on: New Forecasting Model Sees GOP Winning Senate. I repeat:


Other polls contradict those, but the good old corporate media keeps pushing the Loser Dems talking point, which is not helping.

Americans often favor Democratic policies more than they do Republican ones. Take Obamacare, for example. Once the health care law is broken down into its components, or even referred to as the Affordable Care Act (omitting the dreaded O Word), voters approve.

The political pendulum swings back and forth, with one party gaining power, then back to the other and so forth. However, when it comes to midterm elections, ones in which there is no presidential candidate, Democrats stay home. Remember how we got "shellacked" in 2010? Turnout was down, and we lost big time.

When turnout is up, Democrats tend to win, Republicans tend to lose.

And low turnout is what is being predicted for November. We better learn from our mistakes. We better kick some ass and get people registered. We better kick bigger ass and get out the vote. Because if we don't, bad things happen. Things that are very hard, or even impossible, to undo. Things like this:

And those are just for starters.

Don't let the Republicans win in the coming election. Be pro-active. Tweet. Volunteer. Do whatever you can to motivate. It's the only way we can keep the Senate and make gains in the House.


We can expect more links like the ones above. Your choice.

  • Kari Hope

    I can't believe these clowns, the GOP, are leading in the polls. To
    all you jack wagons that DIDN'T lose your jobs, your homes, your
    business or your life savings, I got a news flash: You didn't skate
    through the recession because you were smarter, better educated, better
    positioned or were invaluable to your employer. You skated by because
    this time, the chips didn't fall on you. It is only sheer ignorance and
    arrogance to leer at the jobless and accuse them of being jobless by
    their own faults and shortcomings. It is only misguided resentment and
    narrow mindedness you label them as lazy. The next time this nation goes
    through such an economic collapse, the chips may very well fall on you,
    but right now you are too arrogant, too ignorant, too self absorbed to
    accept it can ever possibly happen to you, where you are left without a
    pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of. You were lucky. The
    proverbial bullet passed right by your head. Next time, and there will
    be a next time, fate may teach you a terrible lesson in humility.