As Guns Get Smart NRA Gets Dumb


smart gun

Ordinarily you'd think that the second amendment (right to bear arms) zealots would be pushing for guns to be sold. Arm everybody, everywhere, anytime. That's an NRA-type thinking. You just can't have enough guns.

So what's making hundreds of gun owners in Maryland send death threats to a gun store owner who wants to sell new guns? And what's got the NRA up in arms over prohibiting the sale of certain weapons? It's something referred to as "smart guns."

Who'd ever think of guns being described as smart? They're killing devices. But here's what's causing the bruhaha.

First, here's a look into the technology:

Now, here's a little factual coverage of the latest NRA and gun zealotry activities of late as reported by the Washington Post:

A Rockville gun store owner who said he would sell the nation’s first smart gun — even after a California gun store removed the weapon from its shelves to placate angry gun-rights activists — backed down late Thursday night after enduring a day of protests and death threats.

Andy Raymond, the co-owner of Engage Armament, a store known for its custom assault rifles, had said earlier this week that offering the Armatix iP1 handgun was a “really tough decision” after what happened to the Oak Tree Gun Club near Los Angeles. Oak Tree was lambasted by gun owners and National Rifle Association members who fear the new technology will be mandated and will encroach on Second Amendment rights.

The way I read it is gun zealots don't want certain guns sold because with knowledge of this technology being readily available, the second amendment nuts might be forced to retro-fit their guns or the weapons will become illegal. But California and Maryland are just the beginning. Gun safety is a major concern for the NRA. Fear of common sense legislation is their biggest enemy. If only the registered owner of a gun could use it, think of how the black market on guns, or kids picking up their parents gun and killing a sibling or pulling of a Sandy Hook or Columbine might be curtailed. The NRA wouldn't want that now, would they?

  • layer100

    What is the value of life? Ask those in the NRA and see what the dollar amount is. Babies killed in classrooms did nothing to deter the filling of gun nut pockets. The chalk it all as isolated incidents even if they were just babies. Just wasn`t any of their babies is what keeps them going and raking in the money from those who follow them blindly.

  • David G

    Well, Verlon, the technology is here and it works, as demonstrated on Chris Hayes show Friday night (among other news coverage). As for politicians and being too stupid, that might be harsh. I suggest they are too busy reaching into the pockets of the NRA rather than use commons sense. They place campaign funding over public safety. They live in a world of corruption which doesn't allow them to see past their money sniffing noses. But I appreciate your take on this and your taking the time to share it. That's what The Political Carnival is about, exchange of ideas. DG

  • Verlon Peavy

    Short and sweet, the technology isn't ready. It's expensive and unreliable and there are to many politians who are to stupid or to biased who will try to make it mandatory.