Iowa Sen. candidate smiles, says, "I'm going to use my Glock. To blow your balls off."


bob quast glock shoot balls off

The "Independent" candidate above is smiling because he's proud, proud, proud of himself for threatening to use his substitute penis Glock to "blow your balls off." Apparently his pretend penis doesn't want you to have a real one. What a guy.

One can't help but feel welcomed in by his warm, inviting style, what with that beckoning smile, sparkling tooth glint, and the gleaming deadly weapon he fondles so lovingly.

You can watch him strut his Glocky stuff in the nasty, sarcastic little campaign video below, in which he confuses having "balls" with having rational thoughts. He must have had a forgotten about all those innocent children (and adults) who have been negligently and/or intentionally Second Amendmented to death:



TPM (more at the link):

Iowa Independent Senate candidate Bob Quast has a new ad out in which he waves around a Glock gun and threatens to "blow your balls off."

The ad, tuned to cheery music, is called "#GotBalls Vote for Bob Quast" and features Quast, a long-shot candidate in the race, arguing about term limits and the Second Amendment. [...]

According to the Des Moines Register he was planning to run as a Democrat but was unable to get the necessary number of signatures to get on the ballot.

Allow me to be one of many to applaud Dems for having the presence of mind to not accept Bob Quast as a party member.

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    He's not any Democrat that I recognize...except Joe Manchin who's a DINO like this fucktard.

  • bpollen

    The "right to bear arms" is an example of the terrible damage a typo can do. It was supposed to be the "right to bare arms" but when it got to the printers....

  • FranktheMc

    Logic has never been my long suit, just between you and me, Kevin.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    How do you know he is not hiding something nuttier?
    I find your logic quite nutty.

  • jeff725

    Bob Quast,

  • FranktheMc

    I would much rather knowingly vote for a nut case than realize we have elected a hidden lunatic to office, wouldn't you?

  • Why is someone like this running loose and allowed to run for office? I blame Reagan for shutting down mental facilities back in the 80s.

  • paullwolborsky

    Maybe it's a typo, maybe he really meant Clock, not Glock. Though I am unsure how one can blow ones balls off with a Clock. Maybe not Clock, Flock! Yeah, that's it! He raises pigeons and he was threatening to use them to blow one's balls off. Pigeons do that, right? Um, ok, maybe he was referring to his Glockenspiel, though once again I don't see how he could blow off one's balls by hitting his Glockenspiel, no matter how adept and wonderful his music-making.. Or maybe he really promised to use his gun to perform a surgical procedure, so he is in fact offering the #GOP alternative to Obamacare.

    See, that's not so bad! At least it explains why he's waving a gun in public. Nice people. Nice People. ::Backs slowly out of the room::