GOP candidate with ties to white supremacy "didn't think things all the way through," drops out


white supremacy

It finally dawned on a Republican candidate for Colorado State House Representative that having ties to a white supremacy group and having an arrest record were probably, you know, deterrents to being elected. So five days after he was nominated, he dropped out of the race.

Wait. He was actually nominated? It went that far? Colorado Republicans nominated this bottom feeder? Way to go GOP! This should do wonders for your already stellar reputation for inclusiveness and outreach.

Now-ex-candidate Nate Marshall, clearly a genius, said, "I didn't think things all the way through." Is he referring to his connections to  white supremacy movements (specifically The Aryan Storm) or his arrest record? Nope, he's referring to his idea to run for public office knowing he had a background that makes Chris Christie look angelic.

Did I mention he hates gays, Muslims, and the "lowlife uneducated" Occupy movement whom he said deserved to be shot by police? But he "wasn't hating on anybody," says he. He probably just didn't think things all the way through. Hate tends to obscure rational thought.

Oh those wacky, zany Republicans and their "family values." See how they've changed since the post-election "autopsy"?

Source: The Denver Post

  • Nicko Thime

    "just didn't think things all the way through."
    Explains almost every republican idea.

  • aarky

    We could compare him, to Josh Miller, a state rep in Arkansas. He was in a drunk driving accident with a buddy years ago that left him partially paralyzed. The Medicaid bill was over $1 million and still counting. His reason for voting against expanding Obamacare in Arkansas is that "It would cost too much and most of those people are able bodied".

  • rjdnh

    Sounds like a good Republican candidate.

  • jeff725

    Now-ex-candidate Nate Marshall, clearly a genius, said, "I didn't think things all the way through."

    Translation: "I'm sorry the I got caught."

  • Nicko Thime

    Having an arrest record didn't stop rightwingers from voting for GW Bush.

  • RepublicanSwine

    Wow. Another class act GOPer. Re-Branding ..... Bwahahahahaha...