Note to Readers: Everyone needs a day off now and then


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Dear Everyone Reading This,

Since Paddy's passing, Lucian and I have worked day and night to keep The Political Carnival going. We've invited a number of very generous, very talented guest bloggers in to help fill the painful void, we've been working like crazy behind the scenes to introduce a new format (while still keeping the old one, so no worries, longtime readers!), and we've been doing all of this while experiencing a roller coaster of emotions.

Today, we're taking the day off. Lucian has actual work to do, and I managed to screw up my neck again. Trying to relax newly pulled neck muscles that are pressing on 3 slipped discs while my kitchen and front yard are simultaneously being demolished and renovated is nearly impossible. So instead of grabbing the nearest bottle of wine (which I'll get to later, trust me), I'm going to back off for the day.

Again, we apologize for the light posting, but our blogging schedule will have to be like this for several weeks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



we love you