Rush Limbaugh gets owned by LA Times reader


Rush Limbaugh Gives A Speech In Michigan

Today's Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Pulling a story out of thin air," Opinion, March 20

Meghan Daum's column on media coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 raised one point, and somewhat surprisingly so: At the beginning of her column, she noted Rush Limbaugh's complaint about newscasters who "don't know beans about even why an airplane flies" but offer speculation on the vaguest of premises.

I agree. It's sort of like radio show hosts with little or no formal education offering in-depth, "intellectual" political analyses on Supreme Court opinions, election demographics, foreign policy and more.

Lynn Robert Fairbanks

Diamond Bar

Pot. Kettle. Doesn't know beans.



  • Colonel Andy DuFrane US Army R

    Calling Limbaugh what he us which is an addicted prostitute abuser with zippo knowledge worth adding to the nations discourse is a great start. Problem is him and his kind continue to prey on the lesser educated among us by spreading lies and fear mongering in his case to mostly old white Southerners the same fan base as Faux news. As long as we continue to continue to put our resources in the military industrial complex instead if education this type of scoundrel will keep laughing all the way to his bank on ignorance.

  • Tom

    Owned? Really? OK, if you say so.

  • RepublicanSwine

    Zing X10 ....

  • Fabulous!