How to practice honest journalism, in 26 seconds: VIDEO



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Journalism, are you out there? Hello? There is no news any more. It's become commercialized, packaged, and infotained. It's all about ratings, not facts or investigative reporting.

So when someone comes along and makes a refreshingly honest statement about an ongoing news story, one that's been over-saturating the airwaves the way the GOP over-saturates its speeches with religious references, it's time to pause, blink, and applaud:

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On Friday, Rachel Maddow did something we rarely see these days. She practiced honest journalism. Oh wait, she does that a lot. But this time she was so honest, so clearly and succinctly honest, that for those few seconds, I felt pure relief.

Relief from the constant bombardment of shoddy, desperate journalism by networks in search of an audience.

Relief from relentless speculation and painful reports after which the headlines are reversed within hours.

Relief from recap after recap of grasping at straws, straws that are breaking the spirits of loved ones who hang on every word.

So thank you, Rachel, for being responsible and sensitive:

"There is no news on the missing plane...

"There are NO developments to report...

"We will not try to turn the lack of news in this very sad story into something that sounds like news when it isn't."

"We will not try to turn the lack of news in this very sad story into something that sounds like news when it isn't."

Thank you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled 24/7 coverage of nothing already in progress.

  • RepublicanSwine

    But, but what about Benghazi?

    It's amazing how you can have several 24/7 supposed, dedicated "news" channels and yet get no news. Not to mention the regular big 3, NBC, CBS, ABC that rarely, if ever, have any hard-hitting journalism. Their morning shows are 3+ hours of "fluff & puff" and their evening news shows discuss the latest made-up, geriatric medical condition.

    Once news became a "profit-center" and not a 'value-added-service" it's been down-hill ever since.

  • Richard Bell

    There is no place for honest journalism in corporate media.

  • kiptw

    I have no comment.