Cartoon of the Day: Squishy Democrats v the GOP advantage, 2014


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If so-called squishy Democrats don't get their act together, then this country will be in a world of trouble. In a previous post, Our country is sick with the cancer of Conservatism. This may be your last warning, liberals, @Marnus3 approprtiately sounds a very timely alarm:

So this may be your last warning, liberals. Our country is sick with the cancer of Conservatism. Much has been lost in the time since 2008, when we felt so good about our health. But like cancer of the body, there is always hope when there is life. It is getting late, but it is not too late. Pay attention, educate yourself on the issues, do the same for your friends and neighbors. Tweet a tweet, warn your Facebook friends, volunteer for a liberal candidate, and most of all, vote this November. Vote like your life depends on it, because at this late stage of the disease, it does.

That's been my mantra, too, for some time now. If we fail to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in November, the consequences will be dire, and even worse, lasting.

This tweet just showed up in my stream:

My answer: Gerrymandering and passion (not to mention voter suppression). Republicans, especially conservatives, have one talent that squishy Democrats and Progressives might want to adopt: Generating votes by triggering strong emotions (in the case of the GOP, fear) among their often-un/misinformed supporters. But in order to inspire voters, we need a strong, clear message that hits home.

However, and this is a huge "however," younger voters (along with everyone else) need to listen, and hear, that strong, clear message. After having taught teens and twentysomethings for well over a decade, I can assure you that this is a major challenge.

The pattern I noticed most was how driven and enthusiastic students could be when motivated... but that drive and enthusiasm was ephemeral. The second something else got their attention, off they'd go, leaving their good intentions in the dust:

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In this post, I concentrated primarily on the youth vote.

Take a look at David Horsey's excellent L.A. Times cartoon below. Then please go here to read his accompanying article, "Latinos, single women, young voters: a squishy base for Democrats," in which he expands on the topic in more depth:

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  • paullwolborsky

    I will walk down the street fighting off pesky squirrels and ingest stale Mother's cookies to vote - oh wait, that's a blood drive. Never mind.::Giggling madly while slamming head on desk::

  • judi

    Well…here in TN you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't!!! All my relatives are Repubs…….college educated, well traveled, some business owners, white (of course) Baptists. I CAN SCREAM TILL THE COWS COME HOME……..they don't want to here it. OBAMA. KENYAN. CHRISTIAN COUNTRY. OBAMACARE BAD. COUNTRY GOING TO HELL. POOR PEOPLE DON'T NEED FOOD..well, that last one's a little extreme. But you get my drift.
    You can present all the facts, show the charts, repeat the CBO findings…it ain't gonna help!
    I think most of us here in the south (I have fortunately lived in Ohio and New York and Hawaii also…….) are just plain tired, and we've given up.