Overnight: Alaska -2- Touring Alaska


Overnight Alaska

The next video in the 'Alaska' series.

  • Hi, Gindy.

    Well, Alaska is just one state among fifty in one country among many. Not everyone in Alaska shoots wolves for fun.

    My objection to Alaska, in addition to the fact that some people shoot wolves for fun, is that they elected Sarah Palin, someone who, in addition to shooting wolves for fun, is a racist, Dominionst right-winger of the first degree. But she's still not the only citizen of Alaska.

    If I went by the criterion of not showing a part of the world whose citizens have done things I don't approve of, I would have no material for these overnight posts.

    Pick any state in the US or country in the world and I'm certain I could find something which has happened there which I find morally repugnant, but I prefer, in the overnights, to focus on the positive aspects of places, not the negative.

  • Gindy51

    Won't be going any where near Alaska until they stop shooting wolves for fun. No thanks, no way, not even going to watch your or anyone else's videos.