Bad Taste And Contempt For Women - Republicans In New Hampshire



Above is an actual Facebook post by Kyle Tasker. Who? State Rep. Kyle Tasker (R. New Hampshire) and a self-proclaimed domestic violence expert.  He's one of the new breed of Republicans. Raw Story:

The lawmaker [Tasker] posted the image during a discussion on comments made last year by another New Hampshire Republican, Rep. Mark Warden, who suggested that “a lot of people like being in an abusive relationship” during a House panel hearing on domestic violence legislation.

As for his defense of the tasteless and totally uncalled for off-color and offensive post made by another Republican representative, Tasker had this to say:

According to the blog, Miscellany Blue, Tasker laughed when his post was criticized as “grossly inappropriate.”

“Nah,” Tasker said. “I ran it by the [domestic violence] lobbyist [and] she laughed. Now if we went around wearing the T-shirt that wouldn't go over well.”

50,000 battered women tee shirt

There you have it. If you were ever wondering where taste draws the line, it's in tee shirts. And evidently VIP's get a discount. Posting to potentially millions of people on Facebook isn't quite at the tipping point.

Maybe I'm being too tough on Tasker. If you think so, consider this:

In addition to his controversial social media posts, which include suggestions that he must drink alcohol before meeting with Democrats and viral videos that imply black women are unfit mothers, Tasker is probably best known for dropping a handgun during a public safety panel hearing.