Overnight: Switzerland: Swiss Rail: Zürich to St. Moritz


SwitzerlandSwitzerland: Swiss Rail: Zürich to St. Moritz

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  • I love pretty much all of Switzerland with the possible exception of Schaffhausen. St. Moritz is a particularly beautiful corner of it. I was just re-reading 'A Moveable Feast' in which Hemingway talks about how simple skiing was then - in Schruns, Austria - about 15 years earlier than your mother was there. There were neither lifts nor ski patrols nor evacuation helicopters. You walked to the top of the trail with sealskins on your skis for traction and doing that day after day gave you the leg and ankle strength to ski down safely.

    1938 in Switzerland must have been a fascinating time.

  • I still have my mother’s ski club cap— with badge!— from St. Moritz, 1938.