2016's True Dream Presidential Ticket For The Dems - No Hillary


Sanders Warren

There is a potential Democratic ticket that's being floated around that has Hillary Clinton nervous. Not because she doesn't think that she can win the general election if she gets the nomination, she fears the primary battle. A really hard fought primary battle.

If you flip back to 2006, Hillary was, as she is now, considered to be a shoo-in for the nomination. It was a done deal. Her inaugural dinner menu was already being planned.  And we all know how that turned out for her. The bruising primary battles with Barack Obama showed she had backbone and strength. She was a good candidate. Obama was better, plain and simple.

Now we're approaching 8 years from her prior "inevitability." And whispers in the wind are that there's someone who might run who could conceivably capture the Democratic nomination. And coupled with his name is a running mate. Someone who's most compatible and would give the Democrats a dream ticket without the Clinton baggage.

The "potential candidate" is not a Democrat. He is an Independent. And his name is Senator Bernie Sanders (I - Vermont).

Take a moment to digest this. TIME MAGAZINE has:

Sanders, who is the longest-serving Independent in congressional history, would have to officially register as a Democrat before he could run in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. But he says he hasn't yet made up his mind for sure if he’ll run, and he has time yet. One thing he is sure of: He’d make a better President than Hillary Clinton.

You  may ask who or why? Anyone in the political circles, Republican or Democrat, knows that Bernie is a man who speaks his mind and is filled with common sense more that a a need to fall in line with political dogma from either party. He's got America on his mind -- something the two major parties seem to clash over time after time -- and with disastrous results. Bernie just calls it as he sees it. And he sees it with compassion and practicality.

Sanders caucuses with the Democrats so his pick wouldn't be a far-fetched bit of chicanery. His reason for running he puts this way:

Clinton, he says, “is a very, very intelligent person, no question about it. But, I don’t know what her political future is, whether she’s going to run. I don’t know what she’s going to say. But, if you talk about the need for a political revolution in America, it’s fair to say that Secretary Clinton probably will not be one of the more active people.”

Senator Sanders knows what he's talking about. Clinton is a really well-rounded pick, but she's very willing to make compromise at the expense of Democratic policy. She's worldly, bright, articulate and an insider's insider. Is that what we want though? No one is more beholden to big money than the Clintons -- on either party's radar.

Here's the kicker to the Sander's potential for running. It paves the way for Senator Elizabeth Warren to run as Veep. If Hillary runs, the Dems won't put up an all-female ticket. Sad but true. And nobody, and I mean nobody comes close to standing up for consumers and against Wall Street's onerous practices than EW. In second place would be Bernie S. Together America wins.

Time will tell, but there's more and more chatter. Despite it being an all-New England ticket, it's most formidable. It's early and with Hillary playing games as she did in 2006 hemming and hawing about her running, she may be tricking herself once again. This time there's a potential juggernaut ready to take her on. If she announces she's running and Bernie still steps to the plate, look for one of the most amazing presidential primaries in the last hundred years.

Unlike the Republicans who have nobody running who can win the general election, the Democrats could have two major players, each qualified and each good for America. And if Democrats go with the fresher face of Bernie Sanders, he's less controversial, he's brilliant and he's got Elizabeth Warren at his side to groom for the Presidency after Bernie's 8 years.

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

  • mmaynard119

    $7 Billion was spent on the 2012 presidential campaign. The Republicans, with the Koch Brothers, the DeVos family, the Walton sisters, etc. will spend as much money as they can to elect a Rand Paul or Scott Walker, whom they can control. In the age of un-Citizens United, that figure will be eclipsed in 2016. The only Democrat, right now, who can raise that kind of money is HRC, and it takes Wall Street campaign contributions to get that much money. That's why the Scalia-Alito-Roberts undoing of Citizens United is so corrosive. They are trying to insure big money dominance of national politics. That may sound overly cynical, but I believe that to be accurate.

  • Sally

    So tell us, just which GOPer has any foreign policy experience (and calling for wars doesn't count.) I think people do know Sanders from his MSNBC appearances and elsewhere. He is an amazing guy. And everyone knows Liz Warren, who has done more in the Senate in her first term than McConnell has done in decades. I love Hillary and would vote for her, but Sanders would get things done..fast.

  • hidflect

    Warmonger Hillary will be the first President truly owned by Israel and AIPAC. Bibi can walk in the room, click his fingers and Hillary will jump down to lip-lock his c0ck. She's morally invalidated on the charge that she serves a foreign nation first. And in this topsy-turvy world, that's why she'll win.

  • mmaynard119

    Sorry, David - this plays well to liberals, but won't work in the rest of the country. It's too Northeast liberal when the rest of the country has become more conservative and much is suspicious of northern liberalism. Plus, as smart and talented they both are, they have no foreign policy experience, which in light of the Ukraine situation is critical. Bernie Sanders cannot raise the money to run an effective campaign. It's most likely to be a HRC - Brain Schweitzer Demomcratic ticket.