Good News Deflects The GOP's 'Chicken Little' Theory On Obamacare


Good news

One thing about government statistics, they generally lag well behind actual events so while something is happening, good or bad, we don't get to say "Hey, wow, that's fantastic," or "Jeez, how'd we ever let this happen?"

Fortunately there's some of the good news to talk about with the latest government statistics for January, 2014. It's something pretty fantastic that will probably be music to your ears if you care about the economy and your personal wallet, but a screechy, cacophony of irritating sounds to conservatives and Obamacare doomsayers. From HuffPo:

President Obama's 2010 health law was responsible for about three-quarters of a surprising January rise in U.S. consumer spending and American income growth, according to calculations by the Wall Street Journal.

Is this enough to send us into the streets dancing? Hardly. But it's a strong rebuttal to:

Glenn Beck once said Obamacare would mean "the end of prosperity in America forever." But so far, it turns out President Obama's 2010 health law is actually putting money in Americans' wallets.

Money in our wallets. Ours, not Wall Street's, big oil or big banks. And here's the most amazing part of it --

The growth came in spite of the expiration of unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed and all that horrible winter weather.

Now I'm sure the GOP operatives and mouthpieces won't be heralding this positive news at all, let along anytime soon. And with the horrible situation in the Ukraine raging on, it's understandable that it might get overlooked. The Republicans are too busy blaming those "Russian/Ukraine tensions" of the invasion on Obama. And some, like Lindsey Graham, are being more specific as to Obama's responsibility in this international showdown. He's mentioned Benghazi, the IRS scandal and certainly he and his other nutcases have made their allusions that this was instigated somehow with the birth of Obamacare. If you look deep enough, there's even Tea Party rumors that trace the Ukraine/Russia showdown to Obama being foreign born -- and to some extent, his being half black. As Bill Maher would say, "Go ahead and moan. You know it's true."

While we all wish for peace in Europe and a return to sanity for Vladimir Putin, it's nice to have a little bit of good news. And hopefully the Democrats will seize this statistic and run on it during the 2014 elections. Obama might be right when he says that Democrats need to embrace the ACA, not run away from it. This economic news is just the ammo to load into their guns.