Rep. King: All LGBT Is Self-Professed Behavior, Laws Protecting It Are Made For Pedophiles


Dunce LGBT

Ah, the LGBT life: unfortunates filled with public pain, abuse, ridicule, discrimination, beatings, and even murders. Wait. Maybe unfortunates is a poor choice of words. Masochists is more appropriate, according to Congressman Steve King (R - Iowa). It seems Dr. Steve believes homosexuality or sexual identity is a choice, just not a verifiable one. HuffPo:

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) defended Arizona’s recently vetoed anti-LGBT legislation on Sunday, arguing in part that homosexuality is a “self-professed behavior” that cannot be “independently verified."

“Although it’s clear in the civil rights section of the code that you can’t discriminate against people based upon -- and I’m not sure I have the list right -- race, creed, religion, color of skin," King said, "there’s nothing mentioned in there on self-professed behavior, and that’s what they’re trying to protect: special rights for self-professed behavior.”

I guess that means that most, if not all professed LGBT'ers are masochists. They love being discriminated against and ostracized. Just listen to King's own words. Count how many times King says, "self-professed behavior:"

Sexual orientation does not warrant constitutional protection because it cannot be “independently verified” and can be “willfully changed,” King contended.

See. It's a choice and we can just learn them gays and other queers to be straight. Just send them to Marcus "Mr. Michele" Bachmann. And King's insights and vast scientific knowledge on the LGBT life aren't new:

During the 2009 passage of the federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act -- which expanded the existing 1969 law to include crimes motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation, gender identity or disability -- King argued that the sexual orientation provision would provide pedophiles with special protections.

Ah yes, that very strong Washington pedophile lobby -- the leading firm there is Findem, Rapem & Abusem.

Money. Yup, and that's the reason Rep. Crazy made in arguing for the recent Arizona anti-gay (religious freedom) bill. By her vetoing it, Gov. Jan Brewer opened the door for the big fix. The big scam. What is that, you may be asking?

He [Rep. Steve King]  went on to suggest that anti-discrimination laws protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people could give those individuals the opportunity to trick businesses into discriminating against them with the intent of “setting up a case.”

seinfeld puffy shirt

Well, at least now we know. When you're not being a pedophile, you're scamming the justice system with phony discrimination claims. This is all a money-making plot. Rep. King has officially set the record straight.

Thanks to him, I'm going out to get my LGBT membership card, put on a "Seinfeld puffy shirt," move to Georgia or Kansas where similar legislation to Arizona's is being considered and go sue somebody before it's too late. I want to be rich. I want to be part of the "1%" group. I wanna be gay!!!

  • Gays are freaks? Gays want "special treatment"? Like equal rights? Like being able to marry the one they love? Like not having to endure discrimination? If only you could experience the abuse they've gotten for simply being who they are. You're banned from this site. We don't allow hateful, ignorant bigots here. Had you bothered to read our guidelines, you'd know that.

  • justshootmenow

    Steve King is the only one with guts enough to tell the truth without fancying it up. Good for him, he has the votes of all who are sick of pandering to the freaks. They have rights and their rights are to be protected the same of those of every other U. S, citizen but no more or different rights. LGBT don't want equal treatment they want special treatment.

  • Bose

    Steve (the Clown) King gets to choose whatever religious beliefs he wishes and assert his Constitutional freedom from discrimination based on them.

    If I shared his beliefs, I could still be the outwardly hetero-married guy and the deeply closeted, desperately unhealthy guy I was 20 years ago.

    But even in my not-yet-out-to-myself, actively religious years, I believed that LGBT people were God's children, not to be shamed or separated from the church. So it was because of not in spite of, my deeply held chosen beliefs, I've been a rather boring, ordinary, unashamed openly gay guy for two decades.

    It's even independently verifiable (just ask my family) that I'm boring, ordinary and unashamed. The Clown King is welcome to interview my family to confirm that my coming out was a bit of a surprise, but it was never an issue that my beliefs on the issue were at odds with theirs. Certainly, any or all of us could have "willfully changed" our beliefs to condemn openly LGBT people and demand they live asexual/celibate lives. That just wasn't in the family DNA, though.

    I was tempted to point out that King is still living in the 70s or 80s, but my grandparents ran a small Minnesota county-seat newspaper for a quarter century, ending in the early 70s. They connected with Hubert Humphrey over coffee when HHH had not yet run for any office (early 40s) and he continued to drop in at their shop decades later as a Senator. When I outed myself to them in the 90s, they had no problem admitting that it was a surprise, and yet also that they'd already known gay people and never considered changing anything about their connections with them on that basis.

    So Steve King isn't just stuck in the 90s (I was an Iowan then, dumbfounded that he had been elected to the state legislature), the 1980s or 70s. He's a pox hailing back to the McCarthy/Eisenhower era (drumming gay/lesbian people out of employment as federal workers or employees of government contractors).